Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Handsome Hubby strikes again!

Steve's going to be embarrassed that I'm posting this but I just have to share! He has been absolutely amazingly supportive since we moved here and I haven't been working. Even when I start to freak out a little that it's taking so long to find work (I just found out from a very helpful recruiter that no one will hire me until I have my qualifications reviewed by a committee and they grant me a Victorian equivalency...which won't be done for another month!), Steve just tells me to relax and enjoy my time off while I've got it. On top of that, old people seem to be falling down all around him (seriously...they literally keep falling and hurting themselves quite broke her finger and another guy gave himself a bloody nose!) and he's always the first one to run and help. Then, not long ago a lady's car broke down just in front of our house and Steve helped her to fix it (something to do with a hose coming off and her car therefore overheating). That lady (Anna) left us a beautiful bottle of wine on our doorstep a couple of days later with a thank you card. Very sweet. So, it's not just me he's amazing with, it's everyone! Although, I thought he was pretty super amazing the other day when we got me this pink mixer for an early birthday/anniversary gift! Oh, how I love it!!!
Baking has never been so easy! It's everything I dreamed it would be and more! I decided on the Kenwood and have no regrets! I just had to make a carrot cake right away! Baking will never be the same!:)
And, I just couldn't bring myself to throw out this maple syrup bottle (since I'm on my recycling kick!) and I casually mentioned to Steve that I wanted to use it as a vase. I went out for lunch on Sunday with some girls (yup! I attended a social event...met some wonderful people and had a great time!) and when I came home, I found the "vase" filled with these flowers on the table:) Isn't he just the best?
Annnnd, just because I can't forget the other love of my's what happens to Jesse when his Mama gets bored...;)

One more thing...Sara told me that the first tulip, from the tulips we planted for our wedding almost 4 years ago, bloomed today. That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love that the tulips blooming at home each year mark our special day! :) She's going to take some pictures and I'll post them once I get them!


Kristi said...

Awwww!!! Go get em steve!

Dan said...

You're making the rest of us look bad Steve! :-P

Anonymous said...

Steve ~ like we say in Lunenburg County ~ you ain't just something, you are something else!!! Too bad you weren't closer, you could hold a workshop for the guys around here.

Love Pippy CS

Sara said...

Its been rainy here all week, and calling for rain until next week, so I will get out and get some pictures the second those suckers open! PS.....the first one was a red one again this year....two years in a row :)