Sunday, May 10, 2009

Iphone Photos...

Last night Steve and I hopped the tram to downtown and went for drinks at Federation Square and then tapas and cocktails at Bluestone. Dan and Amy gave us a gift certificate for the restaurant as a going away gift and we finally used it. The food was great and the atmosphere cozy and mysterious. We had a great time chatting and trying tapas that the chef chose for us, followed by gourmet pizza. Delicious! Thanks Dan and Amy!
We had drinks at Beer Deluxe in Fed Square. They have beer from all around the world, including 3 Canadian beers I have never even heard of!
Steve told me to surprise him with his second beer, so of course, I had to get something Canadian! The bartender couldn't believe that I had never tried "La Fin du Monde". He said it's made in the best brewery we have in Canada, somewhere in Quebec. Have you tried this? It was very spicy but Steve liked it.
Steve snapped these pics on his Iphone, so they are a little dark but still lots of fun:)

Good times.


Skate said...

I can't believe you first tried La Fin du Monde in Melbourne!!! Hehe. :)

That beer is *really* strong, it's like the tequila of beers.


Kristi said...

Can I say again, love LOVE the hair! What a hot mistake!!!

Clotilde said...

Fin du Monde is like 9% alcohol I think. Fermented twice or maybe three times! Stronger than La Maudite! It's one of Rej's favourite beers, with Trois Pistoles.

The brewery, Unibroue, was purchased by Sleeman a few years back, which is good because they now share their distribution services and it made Unibroue beers available in more places in Canada (including Edmonton).

Unibroue was a microbrewery started by Robert Charlebois, "famous" Quebec singer (I'm a frog, you're a frog, kiss me, X X, and I turn into a prince... Also "Si j'avais les ailes d'un ange, je partirais pour QUÉBEC!) so he made it very popular (and the brewery didn't stay micro very long).

Unibroue beers have been the official St-Jean-Baptiste beer in Québec City for a while. "Drink less, drink better" is their moto. With 9% alcohol, drink less is quite obvious...

Other Unibroue beers include: Blanche de Chambly, Éphémère, Don-de-Dieu...

My favourite is Éphémère, but like the name says, it doesn't keep long, so no chance to find it in OZ!

In Brisbane you can buy Trois Pistoles, Fin du Monde and Blanche de Chambly at First Choice liquor store (Gimpy Road in Lutwyche and also in Kepperra).
OK, I'm a total

Ok, I'm a total Unibroue geek.

Dan said...

Glad you had fun guys, thank you so much for my card :-D


Kat said...

Don't worry about the beer thing. Last summer Rich was drinking one called Blanche de Chambly, also made by Unibroue.
I asked him where it was made...Chambly is like 10 minutes from our house. Oops!
Mensa here I come!