Monday, May 25, 2009

Just another wonderful weekend...

We had a busy weekend, meeting up with old friends! On Saturday, we went to Gill's Diner for lunch with some ex-Pandemic employees (a.k.a ex-Pandemites) and their partners. Matt and his partner, Kylie were visiting Melbourne for the weekend and Rowan and Adam both live here. It was nice catching up with familiar faces and getting to know the ladies.
Anara was bracing herself for the flash!
I look a little bit like a rabbit here! That's okay, rabbits are cute, right?:)
After lunch, we went out for more food with the gang, because really, you could just eat and eat and eat in Melbourne! We went for dessert crepes at a tiny little cafe in the city, where the servers speak French and the crepes are made pretty much in front of you. Very good!
All dressed up...with somewhere to go! I met up with my ex-boss and friend (Sonya was my boss at the holistic centre in Brisbane) for drinks at a place called Society on Saturday night. It was a really cool little spot with private little tucked away rooms and great service!
Sonya was in town for work and her cousin, Nita came along for fun. We all had a great time!
Nita and Sonya. They look alike, eh?
On Sunday morning, we headed downtown for a coffee (well, I had an amazing hot chocolate!) at one of the many, many cafes they have tucked away in back alleys. Oh, how I love the alleys! They are always so busy with people sitting at little tables in the middle of the walkways, indulging in fabulous food, drinks and sweets. Blissful.
I've noticed that the leaves are falling in full force these days and look beautiful scattered all over the city streets and parks...
I really enjoy just wondering around the city. There is always something new to see and admire! Sometimes, I wonder if I'll ever feel I've seen all of seems so big when you're exploring only one little area!

I look like a bug! Are bugs as cute as rabbits?
Now, this just seems like a nifty idea! I want some!
Of course, we ended our day downtown at the market. There isn't a single time that I don't visit the market and contemplate becoming a vegetarian. If it weren't for my already low iron, I think I would in a heartbeat!
Of course, we can't forget Jesse and headed to the park before it got dark. See the post below for more pics!

Hope everyone reading had a wonderful weekend too! xo


Visible Voice said...

oh fun times! and all the pictures of you are so cute!!!

Dan said...

Great pictures, looks like you had a fantastic weekend! I on the other hand didn't use my vocal chords till sunday afternoon!

Kat said...

Love the pic of the Matrioshka Dolls!
The last one of you is so nice too! So carefree!