Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Birthday!:)

I've had some requests to post how I spent my special day, so here's a little play by play;
I woke up to this handsome face wishing me a happy birthday and giving me a birthday card that sang. Pants are optional in our house. Just kidding, Steve is wearing boxers in this pic, he's just being shy;)

Followed by heaps on emails, ecards, facebook messages, blog comments and texts. Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes, it was awesome! It's not very often I wake up to 15 new messages in my inbox and then keep getting them throughout the day! It was great!

I played in the park with this beautiful boy, followed by wonderful birthday snuggles and cuddles. I even got told to "Suck It!" by a homeless guy on the street, which I interrupted to mean "Happy Birthday", wasn't that sweet?
I was stuck at home for a few hours while guys came to clean this...It's pretty old and we've discovered it leaks, so not sure what will happen next.
Luckily, this cheerful face came over to keep me company and eat tomato soup cake with cream cheese icing with me! She also brought me a delicious tray of birthday goodies...Thanks Margo!
This little cutie was the party entertainment. Anara is so much fun!
I ate wayyy to much cream cheese icing. Eeeek. Sugar overload.
I made pom pom flowers, just for fun and admired them beside my birthday cards:)
Margo, Anara and I went to my favorite organic health food shop and I splurged on a bottle of organic chardonnay and organic peppermint tea. Two of my favorite things!
Steve asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner and all I could think of was take-away noodles in a box! I told you I love em! So, that's what we did! A quiet night at home eating noodles, drinking wine and watching tv!

A pretty great way to kick off what I believe is going to be an awesome year!
(Yes, I'm knocking on wood, Steve!)


Kristi said...

It's going to be a fabulous year!! And you look better now then ten years's great to look hotter with age isn't it??? Cheers to a happy, healthy new year!

Clotilde said...

Love the pompom flowers, they look so soft and fuzzy!

And I still love your new hair do. Was 100% worth it.

We'll have to go out specially for your birthday when we come to Melbourne. Start thinking of where you want to go...

Anonymous said...

So glad you had such a nice day. I notice that our whole family is a little slow in mailing our cards. Thank god you know how pathetic we are at that and still know we were all thinking of you. You will have a fabulous year ahead, I am sure of that. When I arrive,(date unknown), I want some of the take away noodles. You have me hungry for them and I have no idea what they taste like.
Take care, Pippy CS

Kat said...

Sounds like a great time. Hope you get your hot tub up and running soon!