Saturday, May 30, 2009

Catching up with Kate...

Kate (my friend from Brisbane) is in Melbourne for the weekend and she came over to visit me yesterday. After sipping tea, eating cookies and banana bread and lots of girl talk, we headed out on a little adventure. Kate took to me to Brighton, an area where she spent some of her childhood and showed me her old stomping grounds. It was really nice to see bits of Melbourne through her memories.
Brighton is a very posh area. The homes are huge and even the landscape is massive! Very beautiful area!
I can see you!
Brighton Beach is the beach where there are a lot of the famous "beach boxes". I've seen them on postcards and heard of them but wasn't sure exactly where to find them. They are basically colorful sheds on the beach where people store their beach stuff. Word is they sell for about
$130 000 each! Can you imagine? Just to store your beach chairs!
They are pretty cool though!
Cari vs. Kangaroo. Round 1.
Just ridin' the wave dude.
Looks like Nova Scotia. Ahhh.
Photo break. Picture taking just makes everything more fun!
A very special spot for Kate and Morgan. Lots of love in this pretty little area!
Again, it reminded me of a tucked away little oasis you might stumble across while exploring the east coast of Canada. It's good and bad that so many things remind me of home. Good, in that it's familiar and feels more like what I love. Bad, in that it makes me terribly homesick for the real thing! I NEED to get a job soon, so I can put my plan of visiting Canada in October into action! I'll post more on the job thing in another post soon!

Thanks for the visit Kate and the tour!

Next weekend, Rej and Clo come to visit from Brisbane. We are so blessed to have friends that visit! Yeah...can't wait!


Visible Voice said...

Love that photo of Kate leaning up against that big...bugger what do you call it? Shrub? I can't think. I can't believe people spend that kind of money on a shed! And I totally feel like Melbourne has so many N.S. similarities! I get that here in GLN...except for days like today...when it's snowing...on May 29th!

Kat said...

Holy those bushes were gigantic!
Great pics as always...:)

Clotilde said...

A special spot for Kate and Morgan... ?