Friday, March 31, 2006

The snow tires are coming off the car today. Yippee! :)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Boxes, boxes anyone???

Okay so Steve and I are in the process of trying to get packed and organized since our official moving date is May 1st but there is the possibility that we will be able to start moving into our new place the middle of April. Anyway, so we are facing the usual moving dilemma of needing boxes and apparently they are extremely hard to come by, as most stores crush them for recycling as soon as they empty them. However, the IGA right up the street from us has TONS of boxes lined up by the cash. So, Steve went in last weekend and asked for some. They told him he could take 2 (he took 3...that's my bad-ass husband baby!) So then, I later went in and asked for some and they told me I could take 2. So, we waited a few days and tonight when we stopped in for a few groceries, we asked if we could have some boxes. The cashier had to call the manager and get permission and then told us that we could take 1 box. It's like pulling teeth to get an old cardboard box! Steve has nicknamed them the 'Box Nazi'. They are seriously crazy about their boxes. We're going to have to start paying neighborhood kids to go in and hook us up with some boxes!!!
I must say...I feel refreshed. Steve and I met for lunch today and ate OUTSIDE on the balcony of a restaurant on Crescent Street. It was nice. Just relaxed, chatted and watched the people go by. It was actually hot sitting in the sun with my shades on. It really helps to break up the day, when you get out and enjoy the sunshine! Ahhhh...okay must go back to filing. I'll be so happy when all the files are in order and I can work on something else!
Guess what I saw on my walk to the train this morning? Green grass popping up everywhere! I think I like this time of year because it brings with it so much hope for all the great times that lie ahead. I am looking so forward to the warmer months! Now let's just hope that I am working during that time and not spending the summer looking for a job. Everyone keep their fingers and toes crossed for me that the agency where I work isn't closed. If all goes well, we'll actually expand. But if all doesn't go well, we'll close. It's a little stressful! Oh well, for now I will enjoy the signs of spring and stay cheerful! Worrying will only make me wrinkle:)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Our weekend...

The weather this weekend was AMAZING. Spring is here for sure! Yesterday and today we had a high of 12 degrees with sunny skies. I had the windows open and it felt SO motivating. We had a super productive day today. Steve and I did lots of spring cleaning, which since we're moving in a month, also included going through stuff, throwing stuff out and packing stuff we don't really use everyday. It feels so good to have things organized and cleaned out. I finally got rid of some of my clothes that I don't wear (I'm going to donate them) and lots of odds and ends that have been kicking around in boxes since we moved to Montreal. The only room left to organize is the kitchen and hoepfully we'll tackle that next weekend. Other than that, we took a couple nice walks with Jesse, had our first BBQ of the year at Darryl and Stacey's house, watched a movie (A History of 'okay' movie), I did some baking (carrot muffins) and Steve made a monster stew (very yummy!). All and all a very relaxing and yet productive weekend. We rewarded all our hard work with some strawberry shortcake and now I think I'll go curl up for Desperate Housewives...Finally a new episode...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm so thankful that it is Friday. It's been a long week and to top it off, Jesse managed to find a pair of my pantyhose in the wash (I didn't even know they were there) and ate them. I called the vet and she said to give him a Vaseline sandwich and after that just straight Vaseline. She was worried that Jesse wouldn't eat it. Yeah right. He loved it...Would have thought I had given him a peanut butter sandwich. Anyway, he had a tummy ache last night but hopefully today he will feel better. He was doing so well too...Not getting into any trouble. Oh well. Here's to the weekend...

Friday, March 24, 2006


Well Steve and I are at Darryl and Stacey's babysitting Shamus. Shamus is now sleeping, Steve is working on our dresser, I'm watching a CSI re-run and Jesse is sleeping on their futon. Shamus was so much fun! No crying and lots of laughs! I was planning to take pictures but I forgot to bring my camera. Oh time...One more day until the weekend!

Blah day

Yick. What a day...Although the sun is shining brightly, I'm feeling glum. There are SO many changes going on right now with work due to the government and all their new laws. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that all works out and I have a job in a few months. Other than that there isn't really anything new...Just thought I would share my mood with you...Hey that rhymed. I'm a poet and I didn't even know it:)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wanna rent our apartment?

Here's the link we just posted to our apartment that we currently have up for rent...Anyone interested?:)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Furniture shopping...

Happy Spring! Although it is freezing in Montreal today and really doesn't feel like Spring at all. On a positive note, I think Steve and I finally found a sofa and chair that we like. We have been looking for awhile but man there are some UGLY couches out there! The one we found we both like and it's actually less than what we budgeted for. We're also planning to get a fridge and stove, which I am SUPER excited about. Finally the crazy ass budget that we have been on for what feels like FOREVER is paying off and we're actually buying some real furniture. We can soon retire our beloved futon to the spare room and when company comes (hint hint!) they will have their own room to sleep in. Also, as an added bonus, we're planning to have our furniture delivered to our new apartment on May 1st, which means that the guys won't have to move the old crappy, super heavy appliances on moving day!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Our Saturday morning walk at the dog park...

I don't think we picked the smartest puppy in the pound...Jesse LOVES sticks and out of all the sticks in the woods, he decided he wanted the one that was frozen in the ice. He tried to get it out for so long!

This is Jesse working to get the stick...At least he's determined!

Dresser update...

So it's about 50% done. So far it's coming out not so bad. Hopefully start the drawers next weekend.

Steve (I have issues) Dickinson
This is a test post...Our blog is not working well!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Help to the bloggers everywhere!

Why oh why is our blog looking like this???

To the Irish at heart everywhere!

Happy Saint Patty's Day Everyone!

And to all of you who wrote on my chatterbox...I would love to reply but for some strange reason it won't let me post! Yeah Kristi for getting a blog! And to Sara...I know what you're up against with the goal of getting the recipes...Be strong in the name of rice pudding! Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Feeling like crap...

So I had my second acupuncture treatment on Tuesday evening and have felt like complete CRAP ever since. Severe neck pain and really bad headache. I didn't even work yesterday I felt so sick. I slept all day with a heating pad on my backand popped Advil like candy! I thought I had a bit of a flu but now I am seriously thinking that it might have been a reaction from the acupuncture. Apparently it's normal to feel terrible afterwards but it certainly does NOT motivate me to want to keep going. Hopefully it will not be like this every time...

Monday, March 13, 2006

My Plants...

This is the new plant that Steve bought me as a surprise. He brought it home after spending half a day at the hardware store! He LOVES it there!

This is exciting. My Christmas cactus finally bloomed for the first time after being half dead for 3 years! No joke.


Well the wife has me working agian on another project, this time its a dresser. So far this is what I have got done. Its made out of pine, I was going to use hardwood, but since I'm poor white trash, I went with pine. When this is done, the Ball and Chain wants a mirror. Its going to be 6 to 7 feet high, tall but narrow, framed with 2 by 10 pine.....its going to be an interesting piece. And after that, if the Mc Purdys have'nt kicked me out of their basement and taken my key, I'm going to build an oak entry table....more pics to come as this thing progresses.

Steve (they call him the "Duke") Dickinson


Saturday day I went to the art museum dowtown with my friend Joanne. We saw the exhibit about Catherine the Great. Some really amazing paintings. The weather was so nice. Plus 11 and sunny. Everyone was sitting out eating and drinking at cafes and pubs. I love that feeling when it gets warm and everyone seems to come alive again! Saturday night Steve made us a yummy dinner. It's so nice having a husband that cooks! Here are some pics from the day...
This is just outside the art museum and I really like it...

This is the museum. This is the poster for the exhibit that we went to see.

This is Steve cooking us dinner...

This is dinner....

This is me eating dinner. Asparagus is by far my most favorite vegetable. Yum!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My first acupuncture appointment...

Well...what an experience. The acupuncture appointment went fine. The needles seemed to make my heart race, which kind of freaked me out BUT the deep tissue massage that they gave me after the needles came out was CRAZY. I swear internal body parts got moved around. My toes were curling! Tears were coming to my eyes. Apparently I have a lot of stress! Now today, you can see red marks all over my back from where they rubbed! But I have to say, I really think this might help with my neck and back pain! Even this morning I feel a little better than usual. They told me I should come twice a week at first but at $75 a visit, I don't think that will happen. I'm going to make another appointment for next week and see how that goes. It would be amazing if I could get through a day without a headache!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Acupuncture here I come...

In exactly 2 hours I am going to have my first acupuncture appointment. I'm a little nervous and not too sure what to expect. It doesn't hurt does it??? I'll post all the exciting details later! Have a great weekend everybody!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Has Spring Sprung in Montreal???

It's a rainy grey day here in Montreal. It's warm though, a balmy plus 2!'s supposed to be plus 9 on Saturday! Could it be that Spring has sprung? Here's hoping! I am getting very excited now for the girls' weekend away next month! We're going to the States shopping. I can't wait to get some new spring and summer clothes. I don't think I have ever been so eagar for the warm weather to come as I have been this year.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A few pics from Kathy and Joe's...

Joe cooking us supper...
Kathy cooking us supper...
Tyson (Kathy and Joe's dog) waiting for supper...
Jesse hanging with his cousins, Max and Tyson... Tyson looking out the window...He's so cute and SO cuddly...
Joe playing his drums...
Steve's picture of fruit...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We had a great weekend. We visited with Kathy and Joe, enjoyed some fantastic cooking (thanks to Kathy and Joe!) and really enjoyed the band that we went to see on Saturday night. They played great music and the Iris pub was really cool too. I would like to have the chance to go see more bands like that in Montreal. Anyway, I'm going to post a few pictures tonight from the weekend...

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Well today feels like it's going in slow motion! I can't wait for the weekend. I'm super tired. Steve and I are leaving for Ottawa tomorrow to visit Kathy and Joe. We're actually planning to go out on Saturday night with Darryl and Stacey and their family while we're there. There's a band playing from Nova Scotia, 'Boys Next Door'. I'm looking forward to a little Maritime music! They're playing in a pub somewhere in Ottawa. Should be fun. Anyway...Have a great weekend everybody! I'll let you know all about our weekend when we get back:)