Saturday, February 24, 2007

Around our house...

Well, it's been awhile since I have had a chance to post. We still don't have internet at home. It will be hooked up on March 5th. I'm actually at Vic's right now looking for work on the net. So far, I have applied for 4 jobs, all receptionist positions. I am really looking forward to starting work. I'm finding the days long, with no TV, internet and Steve at work all day. It will be nice to get out and meet some people.
We're settling in well in our house. I really like it. Very cute and cozy...the kind of place I would like to buy as our first home. We're slowly buying new furniture. We now have stuff in every room, except the living room. Once I start working, we'll start buying stuff for there. In the meantime, it's camping chairs! There is still a lot of decorating that I want to do, but slowly and surely we'll get there.
Steve and I worked outside in our yard today. It is in desperate need of a good racking. We're kicking ourselves for not taking a before and after pic! It looks really good already and we're only half done. It'll be really nice when we get it all cleaned up. I'm sure we'll be spending a lot of time out there.
Tomorrow, we're going to the Australian Zoo (Steve Irwin's family's zoo) with some people from Steve's work. Should be fun! Hopefully, I'll be able to post some pics.
Here's a few pics that Steve took today from around our house and yard. The above pic is of our front hall, leading to the front porch and door.

These doors are just off our bedroom and again go to the front porch. I really love having a front porch. Eventually, we're hoping to put a swing and a big hanging chair here, with lots of plants.
Since we don't have built in closets, we bought one of these for me and one for Steve. They are in the second bedroom. They work very well. Don't worry...we'll have a futon in there for guests!;)

Our new table. Looks good with our floors.
Our new bed and bedside tables. I need to get some more pillows for the bed. I like lots of big fluffy pillows.

One corner of our yard. All those plant pots were already there. I was so happy about it, it felt like they left us treasure! Now we just need to plant something cool in them. See that big pile of leaves? That's from only one part of the garden! I'm going to be stiff tomorrow from racking...I can feel it already!
The back of our house, leading into the kitchen. I love the windows in the kitchen. It's very bright, which is really nice. We need to get some outdoor furniture and a BBQ...we had baked steak for supper. It was actually really good!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

One last post from Vic's...

Just wanted to write a quick post to say that it might be awhile before I can post again. We're just wrapping everything up at Vic's and then sleeping at our house tonight! We don't have internet there yet but hopefully it won't be long! We rented an SUV today and picked up some big house stuff that we needed (closet organizers because our house doesn't have built in closets and 2 bedside tables that match our bed). We're just loading up the monsterous car/truck right now and then heading to our place to unpack. Thanks for all the comments about Jesse. You guys really did help to reassure me that Jes won't spend the remainder of his years, feeling like the cast away ex "house" pet, who's suddenly unloved and not wanted;) Cheers!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More of the usual ramblings...

Thought I'd give you an update. It feels like there is a lot going on with us but nothing really all that interesting to anyone else, but still I'll share! Yesterday, we went and signed the lease for the house we are renting. I find renting in Australia is VERY strict. We had to watch a slide show thing all about the rules of renting and they do an inspection of your place every 4 months! I find that really weird but the real estate agent thought it was weird that they don't do them in Canada. I was also pretty upset when we got there to sign the lease and they told us that Jesse was okay, as long as he was ALWAYS outside the house. Again, apparently this is the norm here, even with people who own their homes. I guess since it's always so warm and since there is a whole huge area under the house that's basically like a basement but without solid walls (there are no foundations with the cottage style house), just fencing around the area...that's where the dogs can stay. It's a large area. That's actually where our washing machine and laundry sink is. We were also saying that Jesse might like being outside more and we're talking about buying him a used couch for under the house, that will be just his couch. Steve thinks that we'll still be fine bringing Jesse in, we'll just have to keep his nails very short so that he doesn't scratch the floors. Still, it does bother me a bit to have that hanging over our heads. People we have talked to agree that they find it weird that we have our dog inside all the time, saying that they have never had their dog stay inside the house. The lady we spoke to at the bank was saying that she has a border collie and he sleeps outside. It's just weird to me because at home, that would be considered neglectful, but here it's the way of life! Anyway, I'm sure it'll work out. Just made Steve and I think that if we decide to stay here for awhile, we will save and buy a place of our own.
After the lease signing ordeal, we went furniture shopping. We got a beautiful bed and a comfy mattress at a FANTASTIC price. It's getting delivered to the house tomorrow. I'm going to go to the house tomorrow to get some basic cleaning done and then we're hoping to rent a truck to get the fridge and washer that we're buying from a guy Steve works with, on Saturday and also to go pick up a few of the bigger things we need to get. Once that stuff gets there, we'll start sleeping there, so hopefully by Saturday night. Tonight, Steve and I are going to go buy a few more things we need (mostly kitchen stuff) and drop it off at the house. I also need to fill out this very long inspection report of what I see in the house that might be wrong and deliver it by tomorrow at 5. So much to do!
This morning I went to see a naturopath who has a degree in nutrition. She is sending me for food allergy testing and some other blood work. I got a doctor referred by her, which worked out well. I'm really hoping that the tests will explain the stomach pain I get, so I can know and just work at making it better.
Steve and I also went to a furniture store, just down the street from his work, today at lunch. They have beautiful stuff and GREAT prices. We got a solid wood table with 4 chairs for only $464, including the delivery costs! We have been getting some excellent deals. Furniture really is much cheaper here than in Canada and the wood is so nice!
It's actually been raining here for the last few days. It's strange though, it will rain really hard (like it's doing at this exact moment) and then be sunny again. It's only been one day that it was dreary and rainy all day. Steve liked it. He said it reminded him of a Nova Scotia rainy day. Apparently, February is the rainy season here. Rain is good, they need it. You should have seen the list of rules that we got about water usage! You're not even allowed to fill a child sized pool with tap water and sprinklers and hoses are banned. That's definitely going to take some getting used to!
So, that about brings you up to date. I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seat! hehe:) Hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you had a very Happy Birthday Corey. I tried to email you but for some reason it wouldn't work! But I didn't forget!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our new Tuesday night tradition

There's a little place right up the street from Steve's work and only about a 2 minute walk from Vic's. On Tuesday nights a large pizza costs only $4.95 and it's really good! So, it has become a new Brisbane and beer every Tuesday, we haven't missed a Tuesday since we moved here, although that has only been 3 Tuesdays, but still. We like an Australian beer called XXXX Gold. The locals make fun of us because we like this beer. I guess it's kind of like drinking Blue in Canada. Either way, it's a nice lite beer that goes well with pizza on a Tuesday night. I'm going to enjoy this tradition and suck up the belly ache that follows, at least until Thursday, when I am going for food allergy testing and will know for sure what gives me my tummy pains.
Pepperoni (Steve's choice) and Margarita (my choice).


We got the house...we got the house...WE GOT THE HOUSE!!! Did I mention that we got that adorable little house that we posted awhile ago?!? Did I also mention that it's right beside a huge park that has an off-lead dog area?!? Did I mention that I'm super excited right now?!? We go to sign the lease tomorrow and then we can move in right away!!! Yippee!!! It's a happy day for Cari, and Steve and Jesse...Jes just doesn't realize it yet, but he will when he has his very own yard to pee in!!! Furniture shopping here we come!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

This is what February in Brisbane looks like...

We went to a beach today called Shelly Beach. The waves were CRAZY!!! After my first 5 wardrobe malfunctions, due to HUGE waves and a skimpy bikini top, I smartened up and wore my t-shirt. There were lots of people surfing. The water was seriously as warm as a bath! We had such a good time! It wasn't too hot today...the radio said 29 Celsius.

More beach

Definitely taking Jesse back here!

Lunch in Tin Can Bay

"Tin Can Bay, where the dolphins come to play"...that's their slogan. Like I mentioned below, the dolphins come in very shallow to eat here.
These pelicans also enjoyed themselves.
Lunch was yummy and surprisingly cheap for Australia! 2 orders of fish and chips and 2 bottles of water for $20! This pic was taken right before the ketchup exploded all over me! A cute little Australian boy with a thick accent, blond hair and a tan served us our food. I think he actually found us hard to understand because he kept saying, "Pardon?" to Steve. He was a cutie!

The area outside where we ate...

Australia's countryside

Today Steve and I rented a car and took a drive up the Sunshine Coast. It was our first experience driving on the opposite side of the road. It was a little strange at first but you honestly catch on pretty quickly. We drove about 2 1/2 hours outside of Brisbane city. It was cool to see the countryside and the forests. We stopped for lunch in a little place called Tin Can Bay. It was adorable! The place where we had lunch feeds dolphins every morning at 8 am, just in knee deep water! The dolphins come right in to eat breakfast! We then ended up at a beach called Shelly Beach, went swimming and enjoyed the ocean before heading home. An awesome day!

Australia type pine trees.
Note that we're on the opposite side of the highway...driving! Steve drove there and I drove back, until I got tired and made Steve drive again :)

I took this picture of Steve from the passenger seat. It's weird sitting in what would be the driver's side in Canada but the passenger seat in Australia.
Steve experiencing driving on the opposite of the street for the first time.

Newbie BBQ

On Saturday night, Steve's work hosted a BBQ for all the new people and their partners. There was lots of yummy food (even BBQed kangaroo!). It was a good opportunity to meet some people...everyone seemed very nice. Above is Steve's name tag by his desk. Everyone's tag has their home country's flag.
He's just so cool.
One of the desserts.
What party is complete without a game of Wii sports on an overhead projector?
And for those who like some old fashion fun...table tennis.

Random pics of Brisbane

On Saturday, Steve and I went for yet another walk around the city. There is always something new to see and do! We started the day by viewing another house (very nice but way too big for what Steve and I need), and then did some errands and more shopping. I found a mall, just off the mall where I have been shopping, that has some cute stores at good prices, so I got a few things:) Steve got a much needed haircut and turns out the place he went actually has a girl working there from Quebec. We also met our first fellow Canadian at the house viewing...she was from Oakville, Ontario. We snapped some pics as we ventured through downtown Brisbane and thought we'd share...