Saturday, July 29, 2006

She left me.....

Well, we all knew it was coming, after one year and a few months Cari has decided to leave. She takes with her the memories of our first hug, our first kiss and our first.......well .......anyway.....A friend once told me she knew my sole mate, at first I laughed at her teasing, not wanting to get my hopes up, but secretly I was hoping she was right...I needed a sole mate, I need someone to hug and kiss and.....well.....anywho. The picture of our wedding is still on the wall, along with the memories of 6 years of friendship.....I will miss her....
I keep telling myself, "self, how did you not see this coming??"

Then I remember the freaking Itinerary that's been hanging on the flippin fridge for 3 months, along with my To Do List and a note about giving the dog his flee pill. I remember that in fact she is coming back and that I only have 2 weeks to enjoy the peace and quite of a bachelors life....and enjoy it I will. Not only will the toilet seat NEVER be put down, I'm not going to clean it until the day she gets back. I'm going to use the same towel every single day! All my clothes will be left right in front of the laundry hamper. I wont change the toilet paper roll, I'm not taking out the garbage, I'm not using that stupid little plastic clip (that always break) to seal the bread bag...I like stale bread dammit. My shoes will be left where ever I take them off, and when I need them I'll know where they are...I'm going to use the same glass, plate bowl, fork, knife , and spoon for the whole 2 weeks, and I by god I will not wash them, I'll let the dog lick them clean. I'm going to leave my receipts on every flat surface in the apartment. I am going to LIVE!!!!!!!
I might even rent a nudity film, yeah that's right, a skin flick!

Me and the dog are going to enjoy every last minute of the next 2 weeks.....speaking of the dog, he ate half a bottle of vitamin's last night. He took it out of Cari's suit case and chewed it open. This morning he had the worst shits ever, I'm just hoping to god that I'm not going home to a apartment covered in crap!

I miss you already babe...have a good vacation....

Steve (living wild) Dickinson

Friday, July 28, 2006

Helping me pack...

I'm in the process of packing because I am leaving for Nova Scotia tomorrow morning. Jesse isn't coping very well. He keeps following me everywhere, has to sniff everything and once I organized all my stuff on the bed, he laid right smack in the middle of it! What a puppy. Here's Jesse covering all my clothes for my trip in dog slobber and hair. Isn't he just too cute??

Monday, July 24, 2006

More pics from Saturday night...

These are a few of the pics taken with Katie's camera...thought I'd post them...

Annick and Adrienne BBQing...thanks guys for doing that!
Melissa putting the moves on the stripper!
Sexy ladies.

Girls gone a little too wild...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Look what happened to the bride to be after our wild and crazy bachelorette night! She sprained her ankle last night and is now on crutches!!!!!!!! Please let her foot be better by the wedding!!!

Cari and Jacob up a tree.......

My wife and the stripper!
Steve ( I can't believe its not butter) Dickinson


Steve and I went canoeing today at Voyager Park in Ontario. Very relaxing. Another lovely summer day:)

Katie's Bachelorette

Well, Katie's long awaited surprise bachelorette party finally arrived last night. All the planning that Melissa, Adrienne and I did was well worth Katie's face as she saw some of our "special surprises";) Without giving too many of the crazy details, the evening included a limo, food, drinks, games, funky bachelorette accessories, a stripper, dancing and more fun. I think a good time was had by all. Here's a few of the more tame pictures, as I know that young innocent eyes read this blog:) Here's to Katie and Marc and their soon to be wedding! This is the "Buck a Suck" shirt that we made for Katie. She made a lot of money!
Katie's condom crown with veil.
This is the limo that picked Katie up at her house and brought her to mine and then took all of us downtown.
Katie when she first got to my place. Looking good!
Adrienne and Katie.
Shots. This may or may not have been what did many of us in...
Katie with her penis lollipop.
One of the games. Put the condom on the bottle without using your hands.
Me and Katherine. Like the decor? Note the penis balloons, of which we had many.

Katie and the stripper.
This is when Katie first realized the stripper was there. She was shocked for sure!
Amy says "Say what? "
The limo ride downtown.Katie with her penis cake.

Me and Melissa. All the guests wore all black and Katie wore all white. Katie and Melissa. Water break outside the club.
Magalie and Katie.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Strange events

So, we've been having a lot of thunder and lightning storms lately. Last night around 12:30, I'm laying in bed, having trouble sleeping, when all of a sudden, I hear the wind really picking up outside. So, I'm staring at the window but the blinds are closed. Then, there comes such a HUGE gust of wind that the window blind blows straight up to the ceiling and SO much dirt comes blowing threw the window, that I get some in my eye and the whole bed (which is in the middle of our room), is covered with dirt! So, I tell Steve what happened and he's like..."Cari, there's no dirt, go back to sleep"...because he thought I was dreaming/sleep talking as always, until he felt the grit everywhere too! It felt gritty for the rest of the night and this morning, you can see the dirt all over the bed! It was very strange. Needless to say, I didn't get very much sleep last night...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Onion relief

I got this little tidbit of information off of a very useful show this morning about using stuff that you already have in your house to solve household problems. I thought I'd share this one, since this is an on-going issue with me!
- When you're cutting an onion, hold a matchstick ( not lit!) between you're teeth, sticking out of your mouth, and you won't get all teary eyed! Apparently, it works because you breathe in the sulfur and don't get so affected by the onion. Anyway, I'm definitely going to try it. Sure beats crying my eyes out and hanging in the freezer for some relief!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So...I was determined not to put the air conditioner in this year. For the last 3 years, we have put it in our bedroom and I have always had a dry scratchy throat in the mornings. But, after the weekend, I gave in and Steve put it in. We compromised though and put it in the living room window. The way I see it is, sleeping when it's hot isn't so bad, as long as you have a fan blowing over you and minimal clothing. Doing everything else when it's 33 degrees in your apartment, plus humidex, sucks. We pretty much vegged out all weekend. Today it's calling for 43. Anyway, the air conditioner still hasn't made it cold, by any means but it has definitely helped. This morning the thermostat is reading 26 degrees in the living room and it doesn't have that sticky feeling in the air. Maybe I'll actually do something more productive than watching old movies and making jewelery! Although that was a ton of fun!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Random signs in our neighborhood...

...just cause it helped it make the usual walk with Jes around the block a little more interesting! It also reminded me of how much I can't wait to move to an English place again!
Only permit holders park here.
No dogs pooping. For some reason, I get a kick out of this sign!
Hey...this one is bilingual!
This was hanging in some guy's car.
Gas station with full service.
Lodging for rent.
Open house this Sunday if you're interested.
No entrance.
Watch out for kids.
For sale. That way.
No parking between this time on these days.
This is the train station right by our house that takes us into the city in 25 minutes. Sunnybrooke station.
Bus stopping.
The train station rules.
Our street corner.
The park just 2 seconds from our condo.
Park rules. But everyone takes their dogs anyway.