Friday, July 14, 2006

What I've been up to...

Long posts! It's been surprisingly busy since I stopped working. I've been spending most of my time walking Jesse, going to yoga and tomorrow I am going to try my first Pilates class. Aside from the aching muscles (including some that I didn't even know I had!), I'm feeling good! Although, I get a kick out of the women who go to classes during the day! They have their Louis Vuitton bags and perfectly manicured nails! Total trophy wives! Unfortunately for Steve, I show up at class in my $5 Garage comfy pants and my hair all a mess!
We've been babysitting Shamus in the evenings, while Stacey and the baby are still in the hospital. That's been fun. Stacey and the baby are still recovering and getting better each day. The baby has been gaining weight each day.
Other than that, cooking has become a new hobby, although I still have lots of new recipes I want to try. Our condo has never been so clean:)
Steve and I have seen 2 movies. "Pirates of the Caribean" and "The Devil Wears Prada", both of which I enjoyed.
Steve is taking tomorrow and Monday off. His "artlock" I think they call it was Wednesday, so work is finally slowing down for him. We're thinking about going to the Water Park on Monday. Here's hoping that works out! The weather for the weekend is calling for SUPER hot. 40 degrees with humidex!
Anyway...not too much to actually write down but I swear I have been keeping busy! I'm already starting to miss working a little bit but have to say it is nice to have time for yourself. Wouldn't it be great if everyone could work part time??! In my opionion that would be perfect.

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