Thursday, March 30, 2006

Boxes, boxes anyone???

Okay so Steve and I are in the process of trying to get packed and organized since our official moving date is May 1st but there is the possibility that we will be able to start moving into our new place the middle of April. Anyway, so we are facing the usual moving dilemma of needing boxes and apparently they are extremely hard to come by, as most stores crush them for recycling as soon as they empty them. However, the IGA right up the street from us has TONS of boxes lined up by the cash. So, Steve went in last weekend and asked for some. They told him he could take 2 (he took 3...that's my bad-ass husband baby!) So then, I later went in and asked for some and they told me I could take 2. So, we waited a few days and tonight when we stopped in for a few groceries, we asked if we could have some boxes. The cashier had to call the manager and get permission and then told us that we could take 1 box. It's like pulling teeth to get an old cardboard box! Steve has nicknamed them the 'Box Nazi'. They are seriously crazy about their boxes. We're going to have to start paying neighborhood kids to go in and hook us up with some boxes!!!


Shannon said...

You're "post-crazy" today!

I can't believe the difficutly in getting boxes, that is just insane! What the heck do they need them for?!?!

Selena said...

Hahaha, that really funny. But we had the same problem in Ottawa of finding good packing boxes. So this time when we move in June we bought a packing kit (which has boxes,papers, tape, bubble wrap etc.) at costco. If you have a membership or know someone that does you might want to check it out. It sucks to buy boxes but in the end you know you have good boxes and your stuff won't broke moving them.

Anonymous said...

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The Dickinsons said...

How much for the packing kit Sel?

Anonymous said...

Boxes are very hard to come buy on the cheap. I went to staples but they get very expensive very fast. My acne tends to rise up when I have this type of problem. I have found nice used boxes at my local supermarket. I usually go in a few weeks before I need them and talk to the manager, who will put aside some of the better ones for me. I have done this on two different occassions and it helped me save a lot of money. And, of course it is great for the environment.