Friday, May 22, 2009

Malvern on a Friday...

Margo, Anara and I met up for what is fast becoming our weekly Friday get-together. Today, Margo took me to an area of the city called Malvern for shopping, lunch and more bagels! A lovely day filled with girl talk, tea and too much food! A perfect day as always with the ladies!:)

The above picture is the lemon tree that lives behind Margo's flat. Margo snagged me a couple of deliciously fresh lemons that smelled oh so good!
Is there anything better than picking fruit right off the tree? It makes me want to rush out and watch Anne of Green Gables because of that scene where Gilbert comes strolling up the hill and Anne is picking apples (Lor, I KNOW you know what I mean!).

Side Note: If anyone reading this lives in Melbourne and has never seen an Anne movie, we NEED to have an Anne of Green Gables movie marathon!!! Seriously, your life will never be the same.
We indulged at Grill'd for lunch...damn their burgers are big!
But oh so yummy! Especially those fries! Mmmm.
Anara is sound asleep in the snuggly on Margo's belly. Isn't that cute?:)
And what shopping trip with Margo could be complete without bagoes (as my Mom calls them!). We went to Glicks again and picked up some necessity bagels! Thank goodness I'm realizing that I can eat wheat again in moderation, just not dairy, cause I really, really, REALLY like those bagels! And surprise...they have cookies too! Mmmm.


Kristi said...

I love that first shot with the trees! And I want that burger!

Lor said...

Of course I know what part of "Anne" you're referring to. Right before Anne tells Gil that she doesn't want diamond sunbursts or marble halls, just him. I think I'm overdue for an Anne marathon. Wish we could indulge together!