Friday, May 08, 2009

Nanny Henley turns 96!

My grandmother turned 96 years old last Sunday (May 3rd), so of course, that was reason for celebration! Family and friends gathered to help make it a special day for this very lovely lady. Isn't she beautiful?
One thing that's sad about being so far away from home is all the special events you miss...birthdays, holidays, weddings...So, Steve and I decided we didn't want to miss out on this party and joined the gathering via webcam at 3 am our time on Monday morning (2 pm Sunday afternoon at home). We weren't as dressed up as the party goers (unless you count pjs as classic party attire!) but I don't think anyone minded and it was just wonderful to get to see and talk with everyone and wish Nanny a happy birthday in person...well kind of! They even took a picture of us on the screen! Thanks for the photos Aunt Gen!:)

What did people ever do before all this modern technology?


Clotilde said...

Good to see you actually got to "attend" the party!

Kat said...

That is so sweet!