Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crafting, Sewing, Creating!

I've been busy doing more fun stuff...lots of sewing and creating. I bought myself a glue gun and oh the things you can do with a glue gun! Hmmm...maybe I could get used to this not working thing after all;)
These little things are really fun to make. It's a great way to use up scraps of materials and so easy to make that I usually sew them while I'm watching TV. I'm not very good at just sitting and watching TV, so having something like this to work on is perfect. I'm planning to glue them to barrettes and hairbands or make some brooches to attach to bags or...anything really!
I LOVE buttons. Every kind of buttons. I try to add buttons to everything I make and it makes my day if I find a button on the street to add to my collection! I bought a bag of covered buttons at the thrift shop the other day for $2 and glued them to my bobby pins to funk them up a little. They look really cute in my hair!
One of the guys that Steve works with has a partner who likes to craft and she passed a few websites onto me. Very nice! I was inspired by these on one of the sites. Unfortunately, they weren't practical for me because we can't put any holes in the walls and wouldn't be able to hang discs made of particle board. So, I decided to run with the general idea and create a lighter version, but kind of keep the same idea.
If you look really closely, you can see that they are light enough to hang with blue tack (sticky tack). We have a lot of wall space to fill and inexpensive projects like this are perfect! Again, I just used left over pieces of fabric and ribbon and the cross stitch wood circles were really cheap to buy.
I got it in my head that I really wanted a chalkboard but apparently, you can't buy them anywhere anymore. It's all whiteboards. So, Steve and I headed to the hardware store and bought the stuff to make one. Just needed a cheap piece of board and some chalkboard paint. Steve painted it and drilled the holes for the ties. I made the ties by braiding scraps of old material. I love the way it turned out and best of all...
...we get to write with chalk again! I used to love chalk when I was little and haven't bought any in years.

Lastly, I just finished my favorite project that I have been working on but I can't post a picture because it's a gift for a very special person. I'm going to pop it in the post in the next few days, and once it's received, I'll post a pic. I'm really excited about it!

What have you been crafting or creating? Share your ideas with me!:)


Kristi said...

Oh yes...not a soulemama in the making at all! (sarcasm) Love how the chalk board worked out and totally love those buttons. When I was a kid I loved to look through my Mom's buttons. You could make your own fabric buttons!

Anonymous said...

Cari Anna:

You could be making some of these things to sell. You have such great ideas and enjoy it so much, you should have your own online thing going. Just picture the cari~all bags with those cute thingies you made or with funky buttons. You might start small and end up with a multi-million dollar company. Oh, the possibilities. You could then hire Kristi and I to come work with you. Yep, sounds good!

Kat said...

Those were seriously amazing! Very inspiring...
I REALLY like the disks, and I can't believe that you actually made your own chalkboard!
You are very gifted!

You really should start your own business! Maybe start out at the markets that you love?...You already have an assistant who's handy with a drill!

In the meantime, start your own portfolio to keep track of all your projects, and great ideas! :-)