Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sydney Road...thrift shopping!

I'm really glad I decided to go out exploring yesterday afternoon. It really helped to perk up my mood! I wasn't sure exactly where I was going but I had a vague idea and I find the people of Melbourne very friendly and helpful, so I decided to just hop a tram and go. I figured worse case scenario, I get lost and get a cab to take me home. Fortunately, that didn't happen and I made my way to Sydney Road in an area of the city called Brunswick. Here's the pics...
Brunswick is a hip and younger person kind of place, with lots of thrift shopping and funky cafes. I really liked the vibe and the op shop shopping. Seriously, I'm addicted to finding a bargain and cool stuff I can play with to make creative and fun!
Pretty flowers only $3 a bunch!
There were tons of little fabric shops like this one, but no fabric that really caught my eye on this trip.
I was disappointed with Savers, the thrift shop that's been describe as "an op shop on steroids", as per their website. I prefer small little thrift shops, that take cash only and have cute little old people that can't hear very well sorting through clothes and buttons. Luckily, I found a couple of those I really liked and scored on some awesome finds...
...including this cool, all wool blanket for only 6 bucks! Jesse sniffed this blanket like a cat going at catnip, before collapsing on top of it in a peaceful bliss. Not sure what it was he smelled, but I'm thinking I should definitely wash it!
Seriously, look, he's even smiling!
I also got some new shoes. It's not a shopping trip without new shoes or a new scarf (I'm a little scarf obsessed at the moment!).

I got a few other special things but you're not allowed to see those until I do what I'm planning to do with them. You'll just have to come back later to see...:)


Clotilde said...

*love* the orange blanket!

Kat said...

Cute shoes! Sounded like a good day.

Mariana & Nick said...

I am with Clo! The orange blanket is super cute. Lucky Jesse :)