Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Post! This must be a record!

So, I was feeling a little glum today. Nothing major, just one of those blah kind of days we all have every now and then. So what's a glum girl to do when she's got a minor case of the blues? Well, better question, what's this glum girl to do when she's got a minor case of the blues? Bake, of course! Man, I really need to ease up on the baking if I'm ever going to kick Steve's butt in our friendly little competition! Anyhoo, while I was waiting for my cookies to bake, I did a little research...
I have been dreaming about one of these for ages now (especially every time my cheap hand held mixer dies, which has been twice in the last 2 years!), but with a price tag of $800 in Australia, I think I'll need to keep dreaming for awhile longer! A few more things take priority at this stage in my life...
But this weekend, I saw this baby...pretty much looks exactly like the Kitchen Aid, seems to be just as sturdy, with what looks like all the same features. It's a Kenwood and has a price of only 360 bucks and it comes in pink (what I want!...I just couldn't find a picture of one in pink.) It's wayyyy cheaper than the Kitchen Aid. So, I left the store wondering...why such a price difference? Is the Kenwood (KW) just as good as the Kitchen Aid (KA)? Are you just paying for the name when you get the Kitchen Aid? From what I have read, you either love the KA and hate the KW, OR love the KW and hate the KA. Not much of a help to me. Does anyone reading this have any thoughts? Do you own either? I'd love to know!

Wow! I have posted a lot in 2 days...I must be unemployed OR just addicted to internet now that we finally have it back OR both!

PS. I'm off to walk Jesse later to meet Steve at work and then we're both off to yoga tonight (that's me and Steve for yoga, not me and Jesse!). I think that'll be just what this blah girl needs to detox her mind and body!:)


Selena said...

I have the KA. I don't know anything about the other one and well I wouldn't trade her in for anything. I got my on a huge sale through amazon on what the usa calls black tuesday( in October) a few yrs ago, over 50% off. Maybe you could check for deals on there and see if they deliver to you, worth a shot. I wouldn't want anything else is all I can say.

Selena said...

oh ps...cookies look really good.

Mariana & Nick said...

I am seriously starting to think that you desperately need a JOB! hahahaha. It is amazing how many posts you have done in only 2 days!!!!!
It is really nice to see all the pictures. Melbourne looks gorgeous!!
Good job updating all the info!

Anonymous said...

Cari: the difference might the the power. Look at how many watts. I suspect the ones that die on your are not powerfull enough, so the more watts the better.

Might check if you could order one on your FlyBuys or your Qantas FF or credits card awards. That's the kind of stuff that's good to order from there.

Selena: Power is not 110V here like in USA and Canada, so even if Cari could get it from there, it wouldn't work without an expensive power transformer.