Thursday, April 30, 2009


Steve sent me a text this morning on his way to work saying it was only 3 degrees! I have never been so happy to be snuggled in my comfy bed between my flannel sheets, with my warm dog snoring beside me! This is a pic Steve snapped on his iphone...frost! I like the contrast between the frost on the walkway and the palm trees:)

Oh and PS. You guys are my communication to the outside world during the day, so I'm posting a lot!! I think of it as a favor to you. You know, if any of you employed people are bored at work, I'm giving you something to read on internet breaks!;) I think Steve appreciates the blogging. It means less for me to talk his ear off with at dinner!

We now have 2 internet phones (Skype and a normal phone that plugs into our modem) and neither is working! Hopefully, Steve can get them going soon, so I can make some calls and hear real voices, because there is a good chance I might start talking out loud to myself soon and bananas help us all if they start answering! Okay, that didn't even make sense, but I thought I'd leave God out of it. He's got enough going on without having to listen to my rambling!

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