Thursday, April 30, 2009


*Note the duck tape holding the hose on.

We managed with that crappy old one in Brisbane because we had mostly hardwood floors but here our house is pretty much all carpet and we have one very hairy dog!

We went vacuum shopping this past weekend and looked at everything from the Dyson to the Miele. We settled on the Electrolux. It had everything we wanted at a somewhat reasonable price. Just when did vacuums get so darn expensive? Anyway, we figured it was better to spend the money and get a good one than buy another cheap one that won't last. We've been through 2 vacuums in 2 years, just as bad as the mixers! Hmmm...maybe it's us? Are we hard on stuff?? I liked that my Mom had her electrolux for a million years, so I'm thinking they hold up because let's face it, us kids were definitely not gentle on things!

My achy back also appreciates this new purchase!:)

Okay, I'm off to soak up some sunshine and run some errands. See you tomorrow!

PS. Just following up on this post...I heard on the news today that last night was the coldest night Melbourne has had in 50 years!


Clotilde said...

Shiny! I love new vacuums!

Kat said...

Definitely can't go wrong with an Electrolux!