Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sign or coincidence?

I was walking to the grocery store and saw this shirt in a clothing store window just down the street from our house. I figured it was a sign to find a Halifax, Nova Scotia shirt in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, so I just had to buy one for Steve! (never mind the dorky Steve moment in the photo!) I saw a psychic awhile back who reads your future by speaking to your soul. She believes that your soul has already chosen your life and you're just acting it out. So basically, nothing happens by chance and every single little moment has a reason for taking place, completing your pre-determined life path. Based on her thoughts, signs really are signs from your soul and you shouldn't just think of anything as coincidence. So, if she's right...what is my soul trying to tell me by putting a Nova Scotia shirt in a shop window in Australia??? That's not exactly a subtle sign! I think my soul is a little pushy!;)

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