Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter 2009

We were very lucky to have our awesome friends, Dan and Amy come to visit us from Brisbane for our first holiday in Melbourne. They arrived on Friday afternoon and left on Monday afternoon. We had such a great time with them...I didn't want them to leave!

We went to our first AFL game at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Grounds), which conveniently is just across the street from our house. Carlton was playing Essendon (2 Melbourne teams) and I really enjoyed the game. There were 70 ooo people there! The energy was intense and the game takes a lot of skill, which makes it interesting to watch. Steve and I definitely want to go see another one.

Everything was closed on Easter Sunday, so we hit the dog beach, which is about a 20 minute drive away. It's definitely nice to have the beaches so much closer to the city! Plus, the beaches remind me more of the beaches we have at home. The weather was really sunny and warm the whole weekend, but got chilly and cloudy as soon as Dan and Amy left. I think they brought the sun with them!
The dog beach is in an area called, Brighton and it's awesome! It's huge and completely fenced in. I have a feeling that we'll spend a lot of time there! Another cool thing is that most of the beaches become off lead dog beaches during the winter months. Jes will get lots of swimming in!
Things were going so well until Jesse decided to check out some lady's Easter cake. Um, who pulls out a full cake and lays it on the ground at an off lead dog beach??? I didn't even feel bad. That's just dumb.

Ah, what a cute little family...
We decided to head out when a couple decided to have a picnic with fish and chips. This time, it wasn't just our dog who was interested! Dumb people. Anyway, Jesse was one wet, smelly and sandy dog by the time he went back in the car. Thank goodness for the hatchback!
We stopped for ice cream on the drive home and went for a little walk. I REALLY liked the ice cream, but I controlled myself, I didn't have 2 like Steve did;)
View of the city...
Jesse showing Amy around...
Dan and Amy made a traditional English Sunday Roast dinner for us on Easter Sunday, complete with Yorkshire pudding. It was so, so yummy!! I got a cooking lesson on how to make the pudding:)
Wow! Thanks guys!! Yup, it was as good as it looked!
Amy brought me a chocolate bunny...Steve was excited, or maybe a little scared? Hard to tell what that face means...
It does kind of look a little creepy in this photo! Eat me, if you dare!!!! Bahhhhhaaahaa!
On Easter Monday, we took a walk into the city to meet Rowan, Margo and their baby, Anara for breakfast at the pancake house. Rowan and Margo are from Pandemic Brisbane and have just moved to Melbourne for work, as well. Rowan works with Steve at EA. The walk into the city from our house is awesome. It only takes about 25 minutes to get to the CBD (central business district) and the path to get there is especially for pedestrians and cyclists, so you don't have to cross streets or worry about cars. Plus, it's just pretty and alive and active!

On top of all that fun, we also went shopping (of course!), ate out (of course!), drank lots of beer and vino (of course!) and just chilled. It was wonderful! Thanks for coming guys! Hope you'll come back and see us soon:)

Side note: Okay...I confess it was me who had 2 ice cream cones. Damn, they were good!!!

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Skate said...

Lovely to hear of your adventures! This is where Morgs and I fell in love. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3607/3481771372_f027535e80.jpg?v=0

I used to walk dogs along the beach between North and South road.