Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our neighborhood

Okay, I have to just say...I freakin' LOVE our location! We pay a bit more in rent to be here, but Steve and I both agree, it's wayyyy worth it! We're in the heart of everything, only a 25 minute walk or 7 minute tram ride right to downtown. There are pubs, restaurants and awesome outlet shopping only a 3 minute walk away, sports arenas right beside us, trams and trains only a 2 minute walk away AND an off lead dog park RIGHT across the street. Perfect. Love it. Just right for our first year in a new city!
We haven't walked Jesse off lead since we lived in Canada. There were no parks in Brisbane where we could do it and I had forgotten how great it is! It's one of my favorite things to do and I have been doing a lot of it since we got here and I'm not yet working. I had also forgotten how beautiful Jesse looks in Autumn colors:)
The park wraps around the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Grounds, where all the footie games are held). They use some of the park as a parking lot when games are on. See Jeddy in the corner? He is in heaven now that he gets to stroll around off lead! He gets so excited when we go out!
The MCG.
This is where the Australian Open is held (tennis) and that's the MCG behind it.
Olympic Stadium.
These cool sports statues are everywhere.
That's the city in the distance.
Our street, which is luckily a dead end, so it's never busy. We do have a busy street beside us though and that took some getting used to. We were worried the traffic would get on our nerves but I don't even notice it anymore.
Autumn leaves!! I am loving experiencing the smells and colors of Fall again! It made me smile the other day when I went for a walk and the leaves were crunching under my feet:)
Even though the leaves are changing, flowers are still blooming. I think that's pretty cool, the best of both worlds! Our neighbor's yard is filled with rose bushes and they smell soooo good! I always take time to stop and smell the roses:)

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