Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Around our house...

This is our pad, at least for the next year. It's an old house, filled with character in the most unexpected places. It's totally a me kind of house! I especially love the kitchen. It's small but oh so delightful to cook and bake in!

All the people I love smiling back at me from the fridge!:) Feel free to send us photos of you for our fridge! I would love that!
We have gas cooking here, which seemed scary at first but man, it's awesome!! It gives such a nice even heat. Pancake making has never been so easy! Oh and did I mention we have central heating!!!! Yup, we just click a thermostat and no more cold Cari. Love it!
It's nice to have a laundry area in the house again and not outside! Plus, it just tucks away so neatly behind these...
Again, love it. Sorry, I love a lot of things these days!:) Love is in the air here in Melbourne!
Dining room...
Steve and I went to Bunnings the other day for some things and he disappeared for awhile. I figured he was off drooling over wood or something but when we went to car, this pink watering can was on my seat. He saw it, bought it and snuck it out to the car to surprise me. Love him:)
Since we're talking love here, can I just say again and again and again how much I LOVE this tub??? Our first house in Brisbane had no tub. Our second house in Brisbane had a wee tiny tub. This house has a kickin' awesome tub! I think I deserve it after 2 years without a relaxing bath!
My craft/sewing room that peeks through to the kitchen. I covered the crappy old cheap table with a collaged top and really like the way it turned out!
Living room. We have 4 fireplaces in the house. Too bad we can't use them, but they sure look pretty!
Very, very high ceilings and high, huge windows. Lots of light and perfect for growing plants but tough for getting curtains. Luckily, curtains isn't a super necessity since we have a high wall all around our house, so no one can possibly see in!
Lots of beautiful little details here and there...

Bedroom. I got tired of all my necklaces always being tangled together, so I made a necklace tree...
Oh, how I love thee...you beautiful built in closet you! I know it sounds silly, but after 2 years of no built in closets, this is a real luxury!
Outdoor BBQ which runs off the house gas.
My shoes, which I had to buy because I somehow managed to lose one All Star sneaker between Brisbane and here. Hmmm....I wonder if it's with my tram pass....Yup, lost that too.
View from our kitchen window. See that high wall? Lots of privacy! The hot tub is out there, just below the window. Now, if the rental place would just clean and fill it already!
And, just a little message to the possum who continuously poops on our deck...please go poo elsewhere. Thanks.
More dining room...Oopps that got a little out of order! Oh well!
Hot air balloons come by the house a lot and they are quite low!!! Kind of cool though!

It sure has been fun settling in here. It really does feel like a home. I'm looking forward to some more decorating once I get my butt a job and we have more money to spend!


Kristi said...

Oh my gosh! Like oh my gosh! Your house is GEORGOUS! It has so much character and charm! Oh it's...Oh I bloody love it!

Lor said...

Your house is adorable! Though I am a bit disappointed that you have such an easy time making pancakes. It was so much more entertaining when you were hurling pancakes at the wall!

Brianna said...

Wow it is just AMAZING you guys! And full of useful stuff. I especially enjoyed the story about the pink watering can. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous house. I just love it. One bedroom or two? Just checking for when I come to visit for six months. Just pulling your leg Steve! It will only be four. So good to hear from you guys. It seems like it has been forever. Take care, Love Pippy CS

PS April 28, 2009 and it was 34 degrees here today. Just felt like August. Hard to believe how hot it was for this time of year.

Mariana & Nick said...

Wow, the house is absolutely beautiful! Love the windows, high cealings and man you might be so happy with your kitchen! Way better than the one you had in Brissie ;) hehe
It looks you have done good job putting everything together.
Happy to hear you guys are settling and doing fine.

Kat said...

OMG, what a cute house! I adore the detail, the fireplaces and the exposed brick!
A big tub AND a hot tub! You scored big time!
Very happy for you guys... :-)