Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Possum problems...again!

I have to say, as much as Aussies complain about possums, I've always thought they were quite cute and not that bad. Even back in Brisbane when one acrobatic possum left our house in darkness, I still held a soft spot for them in my heart. Then, I continued to show loyalty to the little guys, even when they practically fell on my head and scared the living crap out of me. I had a total fear of opening our garage door for months after. But, sadly, I'm starting to lose patience with the little critters. More specifically, their poo. Seriously, the possum poop in our yard is out of control! I clean up more possum poo than dog poo! It's everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I'm thinking the entire neighborhood possum posse have decided that our yard will be used as their public restroom. This could perhaps be easier to deal with if it weren't for the fact that a certain 4 legged creature who resides with us didn't think of the possum poo as a morning breakfast buffet. Yuck. Seriously, possums are really testing my patience these days! Hope you weren't eating your brekky when you opened my blog today;)


Tracey said...

Totally disgusting. I found one in my kitchen once. Eating our of the cat's dish. Let himself in through the dog door. Thank God I live in an old house which had a door on the kitchen which I could close to keep him out of the rest of the house.

Maybe all the other yards have traps in them, so your's is the neighborhood toilet.

So sorry.

Anonymous said...

you need a pitchfork my love - they work wonders!! pretty sure the car got peed on when we visited the other night, they must have known how i feel and targeted my car LOL

Cari said...

tracey...a possum in your kitchen?! how did you get it out of your house??

ange: hehe...i think they overheard your nasty possum tales!:)

Anonymous said...

Actually I WAS eating my breakfast but wasn't at all disgusted given my desensitization to shit. I laughed when I read that as I was just popping the last of my peanut buttered toast in my mouth totally not bothered by the poop pic. I was actually thinking about Chewie eating rabbit shit. We moved that cat's litter box to the basement. :P