Friday, June 20, 2008

Possum problems...

Ok, so just when I think the bats aren't bad enough, we have a possum crisis. Okay, not a crisis but the little guy did manage to make our Friday night a wee bit inconvenient. I left work late, called Steve and to my surprise and pleasure he was making a special dinner of Indian fish curry, complete with wine and even flowers! I couldn't drive home fast enough!!! When I finally pull into our driveway, I find Steve outside with a flashlight and the house in darkness. The power had mysteriously gone out just as Steve was starting dinner. All of our neighbors had power. So, I called the power company and 2 hours later someone showed up and told us that a possum had pulled out the fuse on the line to our house. We often see possums walking on the wire and think it's cute. Apparently, it's a common problem here to have the possums put all their weight on the fuse and disconnect the power to the house that leads to the fuse. The guy who came out was super friendly and eventually got it fixed. Since our snazzy dinner was a no go, we ordered wings and caesar salad from this yummy American pub like place close to our house and drank our wine while playing crazy eights by candle light. Not exactly what we had planned but still lots of fun! As

Steve outside with the power company guy...
Me chillin' by candle light, enjoying the bliss of kickin' Steve's butt big time at crazy eights!:)
Guess it's going to be Indian curry tomorrow night for dinner instead!

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George said...

LOL.Silver lining behind the cloud? Sounds to me it was a good night regardless of the high wire