Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kids say the cutest things sometimes!

I must say, since working with kids again, I've had a few good laughs. They come out with the funniest things and mean them so seriously. This is a little conversation I had with 2 girls yesterday, both in grade 1...

Girl 1 to Cari: "Look at my party bag!"

Cari to Girl 1: "Oh wow! Did someone have a birthday?"

Girl 1 to Cari: "Yes, my friend, Ju."

Cari to Girl 1: "Your friend, Ju?" (Confirming that I heard the name correctly...she was mumbling into the party bag, digging for treats.)

Girl 2 jumps in on the conversation and says to Cari in a very matter of fact way, with big eyes and fingers pointing: "But not the 'Ju' that died on the cross!"

Cari to Girl 2: "Of course, thank you for clearing that up for me."

Too funny!


MacPurdys said...

Doing catch up on your blog...I suck, I know. Just saw that you booked the Melbourne trip. Cool. Should be fun!

Drennans said...

oh that was sooo funny!!! I love that!