Sunday, June 22, 2008

Welcome Winter

The nights and early mornings have been getting chilly, but truly, we shouldn't complain too much (although having said that, I think the best purchase I have bought in a long time are our new flannel sheets!). I think it would officially be winter by now and yesterday Steve and I took a drive to the beach and it was absolutely beautiful! We bundled up, expecting it to be chilly but were surprised to find it sunny and warm, maybe even warmer at the coast than in the city. There were even a few people swimming, although I found the water cold...of course! It was probably warmer than what the Atlantic ocean at the beach at home gets in the heart of summer, so still pretty good for our winter! Although, when you're a kid, blue numb feet from playing in the ocean is somehow kind of fun and exciting! See Aussie kids miss out on that fun!! ;)
Jesse had a great run and swim. It's nice because there were hardly any people around, so he could just run and play and we didn't have to worry about him bothering anyone.
My boys:)

We had a nice walk. I LOVE living near the ocean!

After the beach, we finally got to enjoy Steve's Indian dish and watched a couple of movies. A wonderful Saturday indeed!

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Drennans said...

I love the pictures....great composition!