Thursday, June 19, 2008

Going batty!

The other day I was bringing in the laundry that I left out overnight and was complaining that the bats had pooped on it. This is twice it has happened now and I'm finally realizing that I can't leave anything out on the line at night. Bat poop is gross (I have been told that it can take the paint off your car because it is so acidic...they eat fruit) and very hard to remove from things! Then, we have the pain of the bats knocking down the little ball like things that grow on the palm trees in our yard. There's one massive palm tree at the front of our house, just outside our bedroom window and the bats LOVE it! We can hear the ball thingies hitting the tin roof, front stairs and ground, as we lay in bed and the bats can get quite loud, gibbering and chatting like little alien beings to each other while we're trying to fall asleep! Check out the front yard...Steve just cleaned all the things up too!
Those little orange things are everywhere! The bats eat them and knock them down when they're moving around the tree...Also, it should be noted that the bats here are the size of a crow!
If you step in them, they squish and get all slimy, all over your shoes!
Even the neighbor's driveway gets covered in them!
But worst of all...this little turkey eats them! Lots of them!
Silly Jeddy, slimy orange thingies are for bats not puppy dogs!
I really never thought that bats could be such a pain the butt! Especially my butt! Oh well, I guess if bats is the worst thing I have to complain, then I'm doing well!


Drennans said...

weird orange thingies and ginormous good.

Selena said...

I hope those aren't the same orange things or fruit things that Jessie ate last summer and was pooping everywhere on you, b/c if so than you'll be cleaning other yucky stuff up.