Friday, November 06, 2009


Your hair:
Is newly

Where is your cell phone?
Buried in the bottom of my work bag, still on silent. I'm terrible at remembering to keep my ringer on and my phone out! Sorry in advance to anyone who ever tries to call me!

Your mother:
Lives on the other side of the world, yet I always know she's right there if I need her:) xo
Your father: Appreciated the simple things in life. You know, like 8 cans of sardines individually wrapped in his stocking or a root beer after he'd been racking leaves.

Your favorite food:


Your dream from last night: Hmmm...I can't remember.

Your favorite drink: Strawberry or vanilla thick-shakes and Chardonnay.

Your dream/goal: To travel, travel, travel. See all I can of this world! Oh and maybe have one of these little squirts...


What room are you in: Living room.

What is your hobby: Blogging, crafting, sewing, baking. A few of my favorite things:)

What is your fear: Okay, don't laugh but I have this new bizarre fear of a possum falling on me! It all started when I rolled open our rolling garage door and a possum and her baby fell out right beside me! They were sleeping inside the rolled up part. I. almost. dropped. dead. SERIOUSLY. Since then, I have had dreams of possums landing on me and clawing me and not letting go. I've woke up screaming a couple of times! I avoid walking under trees at night and very sloooowly open the garage door!

Where were you last night: Rox Salon, getting my hair done.

Something you are not: A hard-ass. Much more of a mush-ball;)

Muffins: One of my favorite things! I'm currently obsessed with the white chocolate and raspberry muffins at the cafe by my work! YUM!

Wish list items: This camera and a couch!

Where did you grow up: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Last thing you did: Fed Jesse supper. Do you know that they don't say "supper" in Australia? They don't even know what it means!

What are you wearing: PJs...been wearing them all day! Pyjama day at work:)

Your TV: Needs to be dusted!

Your pets:

You mean this guy who thinks he's human and gets huffy if I wake him up too early? Ah, Bum Rubs...I wove you.

Your friends: All live too far away!

Your life: Is pretty awesome, I have to say!:)

Your mood:

Creative. I'm going to make some Christmas stuff after this!! I know it's early, but bare in mind, I'm going home to Canada for 2 weeks!

Missing someone:

Can't wait to catch up with my sisters and brother when I go home!

Vehicle: 2 Door Manual Toyota Yaris.

Something you’re not wearing:

Socks or shoes.

Your favorite store:

Gosh, I dunno. I really, really like thrift shopping. Does "thrift store" count?

Your favorite color: I have NO idea. I've never been able to answer this question! It's too stressful to choose!

When’s the last time you laughed: Today at work. Actually, I laugh a lot at work. The kids are pretty funny! I laughed especially hard today when one little boy asked how I turned my hair "lello";)

When’s the last time you cried: Hmmm...I'm a bit of a sap, so I cry often! I think the last time was on Tuesday! A good cry is good for the soul!:)

Your best friend:

Is a little cranky at the moment...

Luckily, best friend #2 rarely gets cranky!

One place you go over and over: Thai restaurant around the corner for take-away.

One person who emails me regularly:

Hmmm...not really anyone on a real regular basis. Although, this chick always makes an effort to find time to keep in touch via email...

Thanks Stace!

Favorite place to eat: many restaurants...I *love* eating out! But, I also love picnics!:)

Where do you want to be in 6 years: Anywhere that I'm surrounded by people I love, work that inspires me, good health and lots of happiness!:)

Okay, so now it's your turn! Copy, paste and share!:)


Anonymous said...

We all miss you too. We are counting the days waiting for you to arrive home. You have quite a fan club. See you soon!!

Pippy CS

Visible Voice said...

Love love! I'm actually working on this same TAG....stay tuned!

Anonymous said...