Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cup Day!

Today was Melbourne Cup day. "The race that stops the nation." It's also a public holiday in Melbourne, which meant a day off work. Yah! Steve and I aren't much into horse racing. I just know that it's a very prestigious race, with the winner making millions. It's part of a spring racing carnival and most people bet and everyone across Australia watches or listens to the race. The nation literally stops for the 2 or so minute race.
My favorite part of the race scene is seeing the ladies all over the city dressed for the event. They really do go all out and best of all, they all wear fascinators or large hats. How cool is that? When do you ever get an excuse to wear one of those? I want to go to the races just to have an opportunity to put something massively ridiculously huge on my head with a matching dress and heels! I love it!

Anyhoo, Steve and I took advantage of the day off and did a little exploring. We headed to the Mornington Peninsula (about an hour outside of Melbourne) and visited a couple of little towns called Rosebud, where we had a yummy lunch and Redhill, an area known for their cooler climate vineyards.
I get a little bored when Steve GPS-es...this is how I entertain myself:)
I took this photo because Steve has a very long eyebrow and it was reeeeeally bugging me! I'm a little obsessed with pulling out long eyebrows. I'm pretty sure it stems from my Dad getting me to pull his old man ones out. They bugged him just as much as they bug me!
Sadly, Steve doesn't care as much and wouldn't let me pull it out:(
Most of the drive goes along the coatline...very pretty.
Birds flying in a V. I think it's just amazing how they do this.
One of the look-offs. More pretties.
We went to the Eldridge vineyard and sampled some wine. It's just a small vineyard but was very nice. They make a really nice pinot noir. I'm sipping it as I type:)
Steve gets embarrassed when I take photos of him. You can see it by the look on his face! One of the reasons why I love doing it;)

Look what I put up on my front door! I know, I know...it's early. I don't want to hear it...I'm excited, ok?:) Going home in less than 3 weeks, makes the 8 weeks leading up to Christmas even more exciting!


Clotilde said...

ahhhh... pinot noir...

Visible Voice said...

Very fun and well illustrated post. Love the feet...the funny faces...the narly eyebrow hair...the view...all it. OH and the hats. Oh to have ANYWHERE to go in a crazy fun hat would be blissful.