Monday, November 02, 2009

A little of what I've been doing in the last few days...

~ Wearing sundresses and sandals. Yah!

~ Drying laundry in the sunshine in no time flat!

~ Sunscreening lots of little kiddies before playtime.

~ Making cookie dough and waiting until the sun goes down and the house cools off to bake it.

~ Eating ice cream on Lygon Street...

~ Laughing at my hairless husband...;)

~ Relaxing in the grass...

~ Swatting mosquitoes.

~ Enjoying a glass of white wine at dinner on a busy and bustling sidewalk.

~ Listening to the rain and watching our room light up with lightning...crazy thunder and lighting storms as I'm falling asleep...cooling everything off instantly!

Hmmm...I could be wrong but...I think summer is here!:)


Mariana said...

I'm glad the weather is getting better so you guys can enjoy it!! :) Those ice creams look gooooood!

Visible Voice said...

I just commented on facebook but gotta this dress especially on you. Very perfect. Oh and I just saw a photo of you in your nightie(is that how you spell that) hammering nails and I think it's the best photo EVER! Ha ha ha!

Sara said...

Well I'll tell you what I've been doing the past few days:

- Wearing flipflops in 4 degree weather.
- Trying to find 18 missing pairs of hats and mittens.
-Bundling 18 toddlers in winter jackets, mittens and hats.
-Leaving my car run for 15 minutes in the morning so I can see out my windshield.
-Raking 15 hundred million leaves
- And finally layering in two hoodies to stay warm with mittens that dont match to walk Tucker.

Are you sure you picked the right time to visit Nova Scotia? I wish summer would be here again!