Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Sunday completely devoted to summer...

This weekend temps hit 32 degrees both days. Steve and I decided to spend a few hours at the beach today. It was so nice to hop in the car, drive 15 minutes and be at one of many great beaches. I really love love love living in Melbourne!:)

We went swimming, relaxed in the sun, caught some much needed rays (WOW, I'm pale!) and ate ice cream. The perfect day at the beach!

Lots of Yum Yum buses at the beaches!

Then, this evening we went for a little stroll through the botanical gardens, which are just around the corner from our house. They really are quite impressive. All the rain we've had over the last few months have really helped the gardens to blossom!

Pretty flowers and trees and bushes everywhere but these ones were especially nice! I adore the white leaves!

It was too hot to cook and well, we were lazy, so we picked up some Thai take away on the way home and relaxed in front of the TV. Ah, what a lovely way to spend one of the first Sundays of the summer season!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!


Visible Voice said...

This is when teleporting would be really really useful. So I'm thinking it's going to be REALLY hard to get you guys to move to Winnipeg when you live in a place like that. Because that was my plan the other day. Not looking good.

The Dickinsons said...

I lived in Winnipeg for almost 3 months.... when it was winter.... -52 with wind chill.... never again. I wont even fly over it.


Kaserine said...

The botanical gardens look really nice...
I had the same shades as you when I was little. :-) Tres 80's!