Sunday, November 29, 2009


I realized today what Cari being away for 2 weeks really means to me... freedom.

Not the usual freedoms, like leaving the toilet seat up, throwing my dirty cloths anywhere I want, not washing the sheets until I have to pry them from the mattress with a paint scrapper or just simply watching a movie as loud as I damn well please.

No, my new freedom was much more, and one I thought I would never again have.
For years now I have been suppressed by a wife, who although means well, has nonetheless prevented me from expressing my culinary mastery. It hurts me to have to speak negatively of a woman who comes so close to being perfect, who can light up a room just form a single laugh and who probably doesn't have any idea of the languish she has put me through over the last 10 years.

Today I made a beef stew, a beef stew that I think is the best one I have ever created.
Why you ask. Why is this the stew that all stews henceforth will now be judged from.


That one single ingredient was the difference between merely a stew made for a meal, but a master piece worthy of words that I can't seem to come up with.

Yes Cari, I know you don't like mushrooms in beef stew but I will no longer be silenced.


Steve (burnt his tongue bad while tasting his beef stew) Dickinson


heather said...

hahaha steve ur too funny.. cari is gonna love this..:)

Visible Voice said...

That's what you get for defying your wife while she's gone. A burnt tongue. Serves you right. ;)

Skate said...

I <3 Mushrooms. Your umami pleasure pleases me.

Kristie said...

I think Cari is the right one on this one. mushrooms don't belong in food. they are icky

Clotilde said...

If you like stew and you like mushrooms, does that make you likely to like mushroom in stew?

How about using huge mushrooms in the future so Cari can pick them out of her stew?