Wednesday, June 09, 2010

1000th Post!!!

Wow! 1000 posts! Seriously, that's heaps! If I were Oprah or Ellen I would be giving away 1000 cars or something. Sadly I'm not, so don't get too excited. I wanted to do something extra special for my 1000th post, although to be honest, it couldn't have come at a worst time. I haven't worked since my last post and my health is at an all time low. Remember I said I've been run down and sick a lot? Well, I was really struggling to get through a day at work with the kids and after a chat with my very understanding bosses, I've taken 2 weeks off to rest and relax. Problem is, I'm a week in and still feel like crap, even though I sleep all the time and take perfect care of myself. I went to the doctor yesterday and with a shaky voice told him that my health is ruining my life. I didn't even care if I sounded like a drama queen! He was fabulous, made a phone call and tomorrow I am seeing a specialist who apparently has a knack for finding out what's wrong with people who feel run down and tired for no medically obvious reasons. I'm not getting my hopes up too much, but it would be nice to know why I feel so exhausted and weak all the time! I've never had lots of energy to spare but this last year has been just terrible!

So, this morning I stumbled upon a little project that felt 1000 post worthy. It's a story of a girl and her sick dog. Enough said, right? I'm a sucker for any story of a girl and her dog but a sick dog? Well. Her dog needs an operation to survive and she is selling aprons to raise the money for it. I would love to buy 1000 in honor of the cause but that's a wee bit much for me at the moment. Perhaps someone could let Ellen or Oprah know? I know they are both dog lovers! Anyhoo, head on over to her BLOG and buy your own apron to support the special pair! The aprons are adorable and only $20! I'm crossing my fingers tight that Jake gets the operation he needs and stays healthy!


Visible Voice said...

Yay for 1000th post. Boo for feeling crappy. Though you know I know. I beyond hoping for you that this doctor will shed some light. And then it'll spread light this way too. I'm around during my days til 5pm if you get bored. xo

Anonymous said...

I was starting to wonder where you were. I have been checking this blog each day to see how things were going. I am holding out big hopes for this specalist. I thought I would solve the mystery of feeling like crap and let you know about how to fix it, but, maybe it will be the other way around. One can only hope!!
Call me when you can with an update. Say hi to Steve & Jesse.

Pippy CS

Anonymous said...

For the 1000 blog:

The road of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Lorianne said...

I really hope this doctor helps. You need to get your health up...... :o) oh, and congrats on 1000 posts. You should contact Ellen. Maybe she'll give out 1000 cars on you behalf!

Tracey said...

1000!!! Wow that is a lot! Congrats.

I am sorry you feel so horrible. Maybe it is something easy to fix like a sluggish thyroid or a vitamin D deficiency or something.