Friday, June 18, 2010

Crazy Dog Lady!

I have a new appreciation for how lonely little old ladies become those crazy cat people. I'm verging on that with Jesse these days, now that it's just me and him all day everyday. I'm so thankful to have him for company during the day and let me just say, he makes a great napping buddy! I'm feeling a bit guilty because I don't get him out as much as I would like. Some days, like today, I just feel too crappy, so I've taken to bribing him new toys to ease my guilt! I wish I was kidding. He doesn't seem to mind though and gets great pleasure out of a new stuffy. Plus, for the hour that he happily chews and wrestles the thing, I am virtually bad dog owner guilt free.


Shan said...

Don't worry. I fully admit to being a crazy cat lady and I'm not that old, I have a husband, and I usually work all day!!! Shelby loves just hanging out when I'm home and I'm sure Jesse is greatly enjoying your company. :o)

Clotilde said...

What a cool toy! I love it!

Sorry to hear you are even too tired to go for a walk though. I hope you feel better soon!

MacPurdys said...

I am so out of touch with everyone's blogs. Cari I hope you make a complete recovery soon. I blame Steve... He is exercising so much that he has used all his own energy so now he is sucking all the energy from anyone around him just to complete this ironman. In all seriousness... get well soon Cari. We're all thinking of you.

MacPurdys said...

That last comment was case you weren't sure!

Sucks that your energy level is so slow. Hope you find out what the problem is so you can then work on the solution!!!!

Let's do skype soon. Stace

Leigh-Ann said...

he has sucha human face! what a beautiful dog you have :)