Saturday, June 26, 2010


Blogger has been a bit cranky the last few days and wasn't allowing me to post pictures. It's finally working and so I thought I'd share with you a few photos I snapped at the beach, when Jesse and I went for a little outing last week. It was a beautiful winter day, sunny with just a slight chill in the air.
The water was amazingly calm, perfect for searching for shells and rocks but chilly on the feet! Check out that fog bank in the distance. It was amazing!
Jesse barked at me the whole time to throw rocks for him to chase, not exactly the most blissful hour of my life but relaxing all the same.

Gee, I really do love winter in Melbourne.

In other news, Steve left this morning for San Francisco and Vancouver. He's gone for work and will be away for 1 week. I'm trying to plan a little something for each coming day, to keep myself busy, otherwise I think I might lose my mind. I really need to be off work right now, my body desperately needs the rest but my mind goes a little crazy when I spend too much time resting and alone. The problem is that I can only do things for a short amount of time before I get completely pooped and need to rest again. That doesn't make keeping busy easy, but I'm trying to learn to pace myself and live my life in a balance that suits where I'm at on each new day. I think this will definitely be a good week to start crafting again!


heather said...

ur pics are pretty... how do you keep urself busy while steve is gone ? corey is away and i ahte it,i am having a really hard time being here by myself

Cari said...

heather...i wish we were hanging out together! it's definitely going to be tough for me, especially since i'm not working. it can get pretty lonely. how long is corey away? where is he? i'm going to try to make some stuff and do some sewing. i'm thinking i'll do some baking and go for walks. also, meet with a few friends for relaxed outings, nothing too tiring. i'm trying to think of it as a good time to do stuff that makes me feels healthy, happy and creative.

MacPurdys said...

Cute pics Cari. Well, it's been almost a month since the kids and I have seen Darryl and I can't wait for Canada Day!! (and no sympathy from my family because every women goes months without seeing their husbands!!) Darryl is flying to Halifax for the long weekend and we're very excited. :) Then we have another month and a half to do after that. Not fun but I am definitely busy at home!!!

I'm sure the week will fly by but we can always chat on skype!!! :)