Friday, June 11, 2010

An emotional week.

Just a warning, this post is a bit of a downer. It's been a tough week here in the Dickinson house.

I saw the specialist yesterday and he's run about a zillion tests (seriously, I've never had so much blood drawn in one sitting before!) and advised that I take the next 2 to 3 months off work to rest and recover from this horrible fatigue. He thinks I have an autoimmune disease and chronic fatigue as a result of being sick so much in the last year and run down.

I had to go into work today to tell them that I wouldn't be returning. I was so nervous I was sick. It broke my heart to not be able to give them more notice, but at this stage my health needs to come first. The doctor has told me that working in a child care setting right now is not a good idea, as we are going into winter and the kids will all be sick and little germ spreaders. I can't risk getting any more sick and run down than I already am. My boss, Steve was absolutely great about the whole thing and very understanding. I have been very blessed to work for such wonderful people. They truly are the nicest people I have ever worked for. They deserve very good things and I wish them all the best.

So, now I'm going to focus on building myself back up and perhaps choose a hobby that will help to keep my mind busy but not require too much physical energy. Any suggestions? I'm going to need something to do or else I may go a bit nutty! I go back to see the specialist in 2 weeks, and will hopefully have more answers then and a game plan on how to move forward. It's been a really emotional week, but it's good to know that the wheels of change are in motion and I'm working towards feeling better. Each day can only get brighter.

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Clotilde said...

Oh dear! Well, at least you got a specialist's opinion confirming you need to rest and are on the way to finding some answers.

I hope you will perfect the art of napping (sure Jesse will be of great help) and look forward to the crafts you will likely end up making!

If you want to come back to Brisbane for a bit of sun, our guest bedroom is always open to you (would advise earplugs though). Gabriel and I try to nap for 45 minutes every two hours these days! :)

Sending you lots of love, lots of hugs and feeling very grateful you still made it here last weekend despite feeling so tired.

Visible Voice said...

This is the year you'll become healthy friend. Please try to call again. I'm off all weekend.

Tracey said...

Cari, it might be a good idea that we don't live closer. Tea with us might be like a sad sack convention. :) But I have to say, three months of rest sounds AMAZING.

I have been through this whole specialist thing and I wish you the best. Most of mine turned out to be little tweeks to my system. But it is scary and you already feel icky.

I suggest you spend time really getting to know how to use the new camera. Or developing North American style cake mixes for an Australian market. Or maybe we could start an import/export trade of them. And there is always blogging. Or you could write the great Canadian/Australian novel. It must contain a character named Kip.

I am thinking happy thoughts for you.

Lorianne said...

I really hope this time off helps. Your health is the most important thing. Not that I'm one to talk. We'll have to chat soon. Take care you!

Nick and Mariana Vona said...

Oh Cari,
It is better for you to take care of yourself now that latter when something worst can happen.
Suggestions of what you can do:
- Watch the world cup and cheer up all the teams =)
- Try a photography course, you'll see how much you'll enjoy it!
- Sleeeeeeeeeeep =) hehehe
and mmmmm just get out to the park with Jesse and enjoy time passing by reading a book or just watching the people...
cheers from LA

Nicole Snyder said...

I think taking some time off is an excellent idea. I hope you get some rest and start feeling better very soon!! My thoughts are with you, and I miss you!
Take care,