Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yummy, yummy!

We went for dinner tonight on Lygon Street. My goodness, the Italian food there is amazing. We have never ever been disappointed! Steve's Mom bravely tried the Morton Bay bugs. She quite liked them!
I had the most amazing fettuccine with mussels. Wow. So delicious! We ate outside and it was simply lovely. The weather has been fabulous all week!

Steve and I both have the next couple of days off. The four of us are heading to Phillip Island for some relaxation and exploring. Our neighbors have kindly offered us the keys to their cottage there (which happens to be right on the beach!) They really are the nicest people ever! We're going to owe them big time! I'll be back in a few days with lots of pics from our adventures! Take good care until then. xoxo

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MacPurdys said...

Sounds like Steve's Mom is enjoying Melbourne! I did Italian on Lygon St when I was there the first time and it was quite nice. The chocolate shops are great too!

Enjoy your long weekend!