Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"Tomorrow is always fresh with no wrinkles."

I snapped this picture through the windscreen (as the Aussies say...windshield to us Canadians, eh!), on the way home from the airport yesterday. I thought the sky looked really cool.
I really love seeing airplanes in the air. I always find it fun to imagine who might be on the plane, where they might be headed, etc...Do you ever do that? I have some days when I think, "Man! I wish I was on that plane!" and others when I think, "Man! I'm glad I'm not cooped up on a stuffy plane today!" Today was the kind of day where I think I would have hopped the first plane to absolutely anywhere. I'm optimistic that tomorrow will be better and for now I'll simply enjoy my nice warm bowl of tomato soup, my nice cool glass of chardonnay and a play in the park with my pooch later this evening. Hope everyone reading this had (or has!) a good Tuesday:)

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I always wonder where a plane I see is heading and wish I were on one too, back to Oz! And a nice chardy makes me feel better!