Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Nobbies - Phillip Island

We headed to the Nobbies on our last morning on Phillip Island. It was really windy and cold! It was the only day that we got a little bit of rain, but even then it was just spitting and eventually cleared up. Even this poor little birdie was cold! It kind of broke my heart.
You can see seals and sometimes whales at the Nobbies. Plus, the scenery is really beautiful.
Debbie (Steve's Mom), Steve and Linda (Steve's aunt)...they look cold!
I really liked how green everything was. I have never been to Ireland (it's on the list!) but I imagine this is kind of what it might look and feel like.
Me with the Grandy ladies.

My handsome hubby and my chilly self.
There were a few penguins around. Most of the penguins go out at daylight to fish but some stay back in their burrows. We had to really zoom to get this picture but aren't they cute peeking out of there?! We went to the Penguin Parade while on Phillip Island and it was fantastic! Highly recommend it. I'm not sure how many we saw but they just kept coming and coming! We tried keeping count but lost track at about 200ish. The evening before we were told they had 1700 penguins come out of the water! We don't have any photos though, as cameras weren't allowed. They disturb the poor little penguins just trying to make it back to their burrow after a long day. Some of the penguins walk for 2 km from the shoreline to their home! That's a long way for a little penguin! I was very excited to see a baby penguin and a few very chubby molting penguins!

The sun was starting to shine by the time we left. Doesn't a little cold rain and wind make you appreciate the sun that much more!

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