Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Fun!

I really am a holiday junkie. I love everything about holidays, especially the decorating and baking! I haven't had a lot of time to prepare for Easter this year but I'm doing as much as I can squeeze in, in only a couple of days. I made the bunny bunting I mentioned in my last post. I kind of did the quick version, so it's not nearly as nice as the example, but I still think it's cute. Next year, I want to take the time to make some more in different colors, this time doing it a bit more properly, a.k.a. more sewing involved.
I also made some Easter sugar cookies. I do wish my camera took better photos in evening! The pink is much prettier in real life. I must say, Australia does food coloring well. I find the colors come out much deeper and nicer than with food coloring at home. I dyed eggs today with the kids in my class and I really noticed the power of the food coloring then! Wow! They turned out really cool!
And what Easter is complete without carrot muffins? Bunnies eat carrots. Okay, so maybe not as an Easter treat, but how about just cause I've been craving them allllll week. I did use my Eastery muffin liners though. I've realized that I am a collector of muffin liners. If I see a cute pack, I can't help but buy it. I'm getting a pretty awesome collection! It makes baking even more fun:) Although, these spring muffin liners aren't really Eastery here in Australia where it's autumn now. I swear, I'll never ever get used to the mixed up seasons when it comes to holidays. Easter will forever be about spring and Christmas will always have snow in my heart.

I'm off to bed. It's a big day at work tomorrow. We're having a Easter party, complete with face painting and an Easter egg hunt. I'll be wearing my bunny ears for sure!


Visible Voice said...

This is another one of those days when I wish you lived close. To get me into the spirit. *sigh* maybe next year. Though we do plan for cute kid to have a little Easter egg hunt so that will be fun. Your little bunnies looked just like Dana's! Hey remember that time you took me out to Chelsea for Easter and we went on the Easter Egg hunt? My favorite Easter I think.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. Is that the time Corey's egg was down the hole in the outhouse. Oh that nasty Easter Bunny. The good old days!!!

Lor said...

I think I want one of those muffins!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Steve, Dup & Jesse!

Cari, I love your spirit!

We miss your holiday fun spirit and excitement around these parts.

Love Always,

Carol~ call me sometime.

Skate said...

So yummy! I wish we were in the same city. I miss you!

BTW, I saw this and it made me think of Steve. So funny!!!! :)