Sunday, March 07, 2010

So I'm a little stressed...

I spent most of the day cleaning up the house and trying to find a fan to help with the carpet. Apparently fans are no longer stocked in any shops because "it's winter now". Um, you do know we live in Australia and it is only March, right? Wasn't it just 35 degrees last week? this...




For people in the Inner, South East, Eastern, Northern, Western, Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula, Port Phillip and parts of the Mornington Peninsula and Outer East Local Warning Areas.

Issued at 6:39 pm Sunday, 7 March 2010.

The Bureau of Meteorology warns that, at 6:40 pm, severe thunderstorms were detected on weather radar near Craigieburn, Footscray, Greensborough, Melton, Preston, St Albans, Sunbury and Werribee. These thunderstorms are moving towards the south. They are forecast to affect Caulfield, Geelong City, Glen Waverley, Melbourne City and Ringwood by 7:10 pm and Dandenong, Frankston and Rosebud by 7:40 pm.

Very heavy rainfall and flash flooding are likely.

So that's me. That's where I live. So far, it hasn't been that bad yet, so fingers crossed that this one misses us!

I've decided to light some candles, grab some munchies and just hang with my bestest buddy...
...and live in complete denial that more heavy rain is forecast for tonight and all day tomorrow.

I pick Steve up at the airport in the morning. I missed him yesterday before the rain. I really really miss him since the rain!


MacPurdys said...

Gee, I didn't even hear about any storms in Melbourne yesterday! Sounds nasty. The weather here has been crappy too...not hail though!

Good luck with the house. I hope things dry up quickly and that you don't leave much/any of your stuff.

Visible Voice said...

I just don't know what to say. I'm sad you're going through it alone. Because storms are scary but fun to watch with a hubby around. Makes you feel more secure.

Anonymous said...

How are you doing? Hope Sunday didn't turn out to be too bad. Mal and I have just come back from Madeira and we got caught up in the storms there. I don't know if you heard about it - 42 died and many were injured and homeless. It feels like the effects of global warming are all around us at the moment.
Take care - Louise