Sunday, March 07, 2010

Storm hits Melbourne

Yesterday was calling for a rainy day with the chance of storms. To my surprise, I woke up to sunshine and hot weather. I had originally planned on taking the day to bum around the house and relax, but with such a great looking day ahead, I changed my mind and headed downtown. I made a hair appointment and did some shopping. I went into the shopping centre at about 2:15 pm and hit the craft store. I was heading down the escalator at about 2:45 pm when I heard the chaos. Hail, people running to was nuts! It was sunny and warm when I went in a half hour before and this is what it looked liked like when I tried to leave...
Crazy winds, rain, hail. According to the news, hail was as large as golf balls in some areas and winds reached 100 km an hour at the airport. I'd say the hail was about the size of ping pong balls where I was. People were trying to find cover, old ladies with their shopping carts were crying because they were stuck in the flood really was insane! I don't think anyone saw it coming!
A lot of people passing were covered in red welts from the hail. Everyone was dressed for summer. I was wearing a sundress and sandals.
The hail looked like snow!
I was supposed to have my hair appointment at 3 pm but the power went out and the whole salon started leaking...everywhere!!! Needless to say, I rescheduled! I started really worrying about our house, which leaks in even light rain. Plus, I had no idea if trams were running, so I wasn't sure how I was going to get home. Luckily, they were and I'm pretty sure that my guardian angel must have played a part in the fact that just as I reached the main street, where everything was the most chaotic, the tram going to my house was just pulling up! At this point, I had my long dress pulled up above my knees, my shoes off and was wading through very deep water! Everyone looked like drowned rats! The tram took forever, but I made it home safely. Traffic lights were out all over and some streets had water up to car doors and deeper!
This was our front door when I got home. I love having a camera on my phone!
The backyard took quite a beating, but luckily, I think all those leaves and tree cover saved our car from getting dents. Lots of other people said their cars were dented but our seems fine.
Sadly, the house didn't do so well. I snapped these pics this morning. This is in the kitchen.
Living room. The carpet is SOAKED. I have no idea what to do with it. It's so smelly! I miss Steve!
Most of my pictures that I had hanging on the wall are ruined.
And everything that lived on these shelves in the sun room is wet, including most of my craft supplies. It's still raining here and calling for more storms. I'm hoping nothing too major though! Now, I'm off to start cleaning up. Wish me luck!

Check out the paper for more pictures and really is shocking!


heather said...

sorry to hear about the rain, i hope nothing got damanged to much....

Skate said...

Wow! Your photos really tell a story. The photo of the water swirling in the street is just incredible. I am so sorry about all your pictures though! :( Your home is really vulnerable to the rain. I hope the landlord organizes some rain-proofing for winter.

Clotilde said...

So sorry for you Cari!

Visible Voice said...

Like it's nuts. That weather is crazy nuts! I feel so sad about your house. :(