Monday, March 08, 2010

My husband, my hero.

I picked Steve up from the airport this morning and we headed home to our wet, smelly house. Steve had seen the pictures, but I don't think they gave a true sense of just how wet and SMELLY everything was. I love my husband for many, many reasons but today he reminded me of just how wonderful he is. After about 27 hours of traveling, we instantly sent to work on making our house a home once more. I'm not saying I can't manage in a crisis on my own and considering the weekend I've had, I think I did quite well (toot! toot!) but let's face it, sometimes it's just better with two. And, I have to say, Steve and I make a pretty good team!
What a mess!
First, we tried hanging the carpet differently, to speed up the drying. We realized that was wasn't going to help within about 2 minutes. So, what did my awesome hubby do? He called the owner of the house and told him we were going to pull up the carpet. It had to be done.
Then we set to work. As we pulled it up, we realized there was more water underneath than we even knew about.
I didn't even know this part was wet!
Bye bye carpet. Bye bye.
We scraped...
...we pulled thingies up and threw away...
...and once again, order was restored to my life! It will obviously need to have new carpet or whatever and it's far from perfect but right about now, it feels like the best thing in the world! No more smell. No more mess.
Yes, let's rest and relax. We deserve it! Thanks Babe! You rock!


Visible Voice said...

I like the wooden floors myself. I think they look nice good! But I bet carpet helps in the winter when it gets a bit chilly??

Clotilde said...

That wooden floor would look amazing with a coat of varnish... just the right look for your rustic-looking interior...

Way to go rolling the carpet. I agree, it was the only thing to be done. Oh, I feel for you!

Tracey said...

I think the floor looks lovely and rustic. From the picture.