Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ask away!

Okay, so lately I find keeping in touch with everyone everywhere nearly impossible. There's just never enough time to call, email or facebook all the people I think of in the run of a day. I've even found the blog tough to keep up with at times but try my best to make it a priority. I *love* blogging and love sharing with everyone who takes the time to read what's happening in my corner of the world!
Anyway, I was thinking and you guys have any questions for me? You know, anything in particular that you wonder about that either I never post about or you don't get to ask me because we never get the chance to chat? Cause if you do, this is your chance! I'm a pretty open person, so if you have a personal question (well maybe not too personal!), a crafty question or even just a question about Australia, I'll do my best to answer it! I'll wait and see what you all ask and then I'll do a big blog post with my repsonses. I think it'll be fun! Plus, it'll be a fun way for us to get to know each other better:) Don't let me down...ask away! xo

PS. I'm modeling Steve's sunnies in this pic...they look much better on him!:)


Visible Voice said...

Can you please explain the big deal about vegemite? I mean it looks nasty.

And what foods in Canada do you miss that you can't get there?

If you left Australia what foods there would you miss?

Could you move to Winnipeg? I mean who needs the tropics when you could move to Winnipeg??

Just sayin'.

Visible Voice said...

Hmmm...I must be hungry all of my questions have to do with food.

shannon.timmons said...

Hi Cari! How is your Canadian expat meetup group going? We're meeting with our couples meetup group for the third time tonight for dinner and bowling! We've met a fun group of people to supplement our friends from work. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cari:

Sorry I missed your calls. Busy lately. Geoff's mother passed away and things have been upset for awhile. I should be around this weekend if you have chance to call.


Sara said...

I have three questions....

1) Most memorable moment you've had since moving to Austraila?

2) What do you miss the most about Canada?

3) Are Uggs cheaper in Austraila, because they seem to be VERY expensive here :) And do people wear them all year?

heather said...

what is your favorite motivation book you like to read?