Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cari Confession #1

I *love* going to the car wash.

I do. I even blogged about it before. I have ever since I was a little girl. Of course, back then it was the drive through kind, where you don't do any of the work, way before the days of the do-it-yourself ones. Who doesn't love those? Yet still I love going. Perhaps I just like watching Steve do all the work ;)
I'm a bit of a slob when it comes to the car, which is funny because I'm just the opposite when it comes to my home. It drives Steve nuts. I've never been the type to baby a car. I'm a firm believer that a car just gets you from point A to point B and have never really cared much about having a snazzy car. As long as it's reliable, who cares what it looks like. Perhaps this is why I don't stress about keeping ours clean? This is a bit strange considering I grew up around many cars and my Dad was a car salesman!
Steve likes a clean car. I like having dirty dishes put in the dishwasher. I think we might have an unspoken agreement about what we let slide. It makes for a much happier marriage! :)
The soap smelled exactly like bubblegum and was green. I just wanted to lick it! Sorry, true story.
It does look better clean, both inside and out!
Um, and can I just say Steve looked pretty cute doing the washing? ;)
Bubble gum soap!
So, there you have it, a random Cari confession. I might do a few more of these. I have a number of odd quirky things about me and I figure if I share a few, then we get to know each other that much better!

So, do tell, what's a random confession you'd care to share?


Clotilde said...

Confession: I used to love driving behind drywall trucks in Alberta because they had such a pretty colourful pattern printed on the side of the drywall sheets...

Cari said...

haha! see this is why we're friends! :)

Clotilde said...


I told that to my general manager one day we were driving back from a meeting and happened to be following a drywall truck and I suspect he was quite surprised to hear this confession... but it makes me *so happy* that I used to even change lanes and set my car speed to follow them! :)