Sunday, March 29, 2009

Car Wash!

We've been spending a lot of time in our car in the last week. Makes me wonder how we ever managed to see houses, run errands and get around Brisbane when we first moved there and didn't have a car for 9 months!
Our car was way overdue for a wash! The trip from Brisbane got a little messy. Never mind the million bugs that died on our hood, but there was even a bat!!
We hit one of the million self car wash places here in Melbourne and this total hottie washed our car...Hello! What sexy lady snagged that cutie?;)
All soaped up. Doesn't our car look cute?
All clean and ready to go! I know, I'm a dork but I really enjoyed the car wash and had to share!:)


MacPurdys said...

Hi guys!!

Ok, Care, yes, you are a dork! Sorry!!! :) But, yes, posting the car wash! What has Melbourne done to you?!?!! heheeeeeee

Glad the drive went well! Good luck with the house! And good luck with the job this week Steve!

BluOrange said...

Hi - we have a mutual friend in qamar of LiveJournal, my main blog is

I'm writing because I live in Richmond, and apparently you'd love to hear from me.

I strongly suggest that you guys get yourself to the Conquest games convention the weekend after next, - lots of people there will think that a job animating at EA is extremely cool, and you'll meet a bunch of Melbournites that you'll either like, or know to avoid.

(This message is not influence in any way by my membership of the Conquest organising committee.)

Kristi said...

Well I'm the dummy here that just realized that your steering wheel is on the other side! I mean...I knew...but then I just realized. Does that make sense??

Kat said...

Your car does look cute all soaped up :)
That bat pic was soo gross.
What did that sound like?!?
Glad to see you guys are doing well!!!

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