Thursday, March 12, 2009

A note from me...

It occured to me that I haven't spoken to anyone since we found out we were moving to Melbourne! It's been busy around our house and 3 weeks is not a long time to move! Plus, I am working right up until the Friday before we leave. My last day is the 20th of March and we will be leaving to drive to Melbourne on Sunday, the 22nd. So, my apologies but there has been no chance to call, especially with having been away the last 2 weekends!
Here's a little update, to bring you up to speed on what I would tell you if I could call...
The plan is to do the 17 hr or so trip over 2 days, with a stop at a hotel that takes dogs the first night. Jesse will then be dropped at a kennel in Melbourne on the Monday and will stay there until we find a place to live. I'm hoping this happens quickly, as I'm looking forward to settling in and getting in a new routine. We've been looking at houses online and some really nice places are coming up. Unfortunately, you can't apply for them unless you've viewed them, which is kind of dumb. Anyway...they are a bit more than what we pay in Brisbane for rent but they seem to have more bang for your buck, with things little working fireplaces and spa tubs. Steve and I will be happy as long as it's in a good location, close to the city and on a tram line (the trams are pretty cool there!). Although, a spa would be be great, I'd settle for a place to park our car, as parking doesn't seem to be something that comes with many places! That could be a pain. I love the idea of living closer to the water and being able to walk Jesse at the beach without having to drive an hour or more to get there. We're looking in areas that can make that happen!:)
As for the place we're in now...we had an open house yesterday and several couples showed interest, so fingers crossed it rents quickly (we have to pay rent until it leases). The movers are coming next Friday and we're going to be crashing at Rej and Clo's place on the Friday and Saturday night. I'm learning that moving is a great way to clean out clutter and I've been shocked at how much we've collected in just 2 years!!!
We've been busy packing and Steve has been organizing all the details that go with a move. On top of that, we're trying to catch up with all our wonderful friends here in Brisbane before we go. Man, we're going to miss them! It's been so easy making friends here. I'm really hoping it is the same in Melbourne, although I'm prepared for it to be a little tougher. Steve's company is quite small and we've been warned that they're not nearly as social as Pandemic, which is how we met so many people when we first got here. That said, I am really looking forward to a new adventure, a new job, a new house with lots of character and cooler weather! I miss seasons and I miss wearing layers! It'll be fun to wear a scarf and cute boots again! In many ways, I think the winters in Melbourne will be easier than Brisbane because homes actually have central heat...brillant! I can do cooler outside as long as I'm not standing by my oven trying to warm my hands when I get home at night! I should add that winter in Mebourne will be more like autumn in Canada. Not cold but chilly.
And I think that's it. Not sure it's completely hit me yet that we leave next week! Hard to believe that our time in Brisbane is coming to an end. Kind of feels like an end of an era. Luckily, it's cheap to fly in Australia, so I'll be able to come back for weekend visits and I'm sure our friends will come to visit us! Right, guys?;)
Hope everyone at home is doing well. I think of you all everyday and miss you lots and lots!

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Drennans said...

Good to hear the plans! I can't wait to see new adventures in a new place. I think you'll find an amazing job and fast friends! And I must say that I have a rockin package here for you just waiting for a new address! Good luck...I'll be thinking of ya! xoxox