Monday, March 09, 2009

Lamington National Park

We went to Lamington National Park this weekend with everyone for our last camping trip before we leave.
Cari and Shamus trying to attract some parrots.
B getting in on the action.

After lunch and some bird feeding we all went and did the tree top walk.

Shamus telling Rej not to be scared of heights...
Climbing up to some higher platforms.

Clo shaking the walkway.

When we got back to our site we had some company. Usually we were surrounded by wild turkeys but once in a while a Padamelon would come join us.
So Cute.
Rej sneaking up for the kill, I mean picture.
This is a Bower Bird nest, more specifically a Satin Bowerbird nest. (I think) Someone at the campsite saw Rej taking pics of stuff and showed him this nest.
"Males build specialized stick structures, called bowers, which they decorate with blue, yellow, and shiny objects if these are available, including berries, flowers, and even ballpoint pens, drinking straws and other discarded plastic items. As the males mature they use more blue objects than other colours. Females visit these and choose which male they will allow to mate with them."
B - "I need something to smack around my brother"
Rej - "I have just what you need, hold on while I sharpen it up for you"

Erika laughing at the idea of Shamus getting his butt beat by his sister.
B waiting for her beating stick.
Dan... "Hey Rej, hurry up so we can all watch B chase Shamus around with that sharpened stick"
I'm going to get you Shamus.....
Darryl telling a fish story...." it was this big, maybe even bigger"

Sorry ladies he's taken...

Some pics of sunset....

Rej and Ericka making supper.....
The next morning Dan and Amy make breakfast....
So good.
After brekkie we went on a hike through the rain forest. Ericka thought she might take her beatle friend.
Is that Tarzan? No, it's TarzDan. Like most rain forest there were vines everywhere.
This must be Jane.
And this must be the retarded cousin.
Very large tree
We called this the anus tree... It was hollow all the way to the top.
View of the rainforest.
Our destination was a water fall that was about a 7 - 8 km hike round trip.
Dan catching some rays over the river.
In the water were Spiny Crayfish. Basicly a fresh water lobster. They can be found in pools and streams of the subtropical rainforest above an altitude of 450 metres. They can grow to almost 25 cm in length.

Dan and Amy.
Clo and I.
B, Stacy and Cari.
Clo sitting on the edge of the first set of falls.

Looking over the falls.

Group shot.

We had lunch at the top of the falls at picnic rock, then we hikes to the bottom of the water fall.

The Purdy's.

Completely natural and un posed shot of Cari and I.
Cari and I had to leave early in order to get the dog out of the kennel before it closed. Its a 2 hour drive back to the city so we said bye to everyone and hiked back to the car. On the way out we say these 2 having some lunch near a campsite.
This is the begininng of the long narrow winding mountain road that takes you to Laminton. On the way out cows were all over the road.



Mariana & Nick said...

Looks Great!!! I loved the blue water lobster, I've never seen one like that ;)
I am gald you guys had a lot of fun.

Kat said...

That looked like a really fun adventure.
I would absolutely scream my head off, if a bug like that were in my hair...and the pic of Steve in the tree left me in stitches.
Good times!

MacPurdys said...

Ah, made me laugh!!! I like the "retarded cousin"!

Glad to see that B is enjoying Jesse's company too. Maybe we'll have to get a dog??

Drennans said...

So I love the decorating style of those birds. It's good they think outside of the normal nesting box! So did B get her brother or what...that was a little suspenseful!