Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Days in Brisbane

Our last days in Brisbane weren't all boxes and cleaning, although there was a lot of that too! We caught up with all our wonderful friends on many occasions. Here's a few of the pics from some of our get-togethers...
I had a dinner with some of my very closest friends in Brisbane. I am really going to miss this awesome group of girls. It was so easy to make friends in Brisbane and I was really fortunate to meet great women and have lots of fantastic times with them!
My double fisting drinking buddy...ah Stace, I'm going to miss you!:)

I can't forget my wonderful friend, Kristy, who I met while working at the holistic centre. Steve and I met up with her and her hubby, Steve and their baby, Alexis for breakfast. We had a great time! Alexis is just beautiful!
"You want who to hold me??"
"Okay, if I have to, I'll have a Cari snuggle..."
"Okay, this is boring, I think I'll just take a snooze..."

Even work had a little going away get-together for me, complete with lunch and presents. It was really nice! The above picture is me with my boss, Kier.

A few of the ICASAG crew...They were really awesome to work with!
We spent our last weekend at Rej and Clo's place because our movers came on Friday and we left on Sunday. Friday night got a little out of control. Ultra Star (the sing star that Rej and Clo created for us that can be run through your laptop) lead to lots of laughs and lots of booze. Ouch. I am embarrassed to say I was still sick on Sunday:( It sure was fun though!!!

We got pretty into it!

The cockatoos at their place are absolutely incredible!!! There are so many of them first thing in the morning, and when I say so many, I mean like 70 or more flying over and around their house! It's pretty cool but very loud at 6 am!
Saturday, Nick and Mariana had everyone over for a BBQ at their beautiful new home. Unfortunately, I was pretty under the weather, but still had a great time catching up with everyone one last time. Isn't Shamus a handsome kid? We're really going to miss Shamus and Breagha!
The gang...
Our lovely hosts, Nick and Mariana.
The food was great, but the best thing by far were Mariana's homemade corn chips and salsa!!
On Saturday night, Jesse had a pretty good playtime with his buddy, Rej. He looks a little mean this photo though, but it was all just good fun!

Just want to say a big thanks to everyone for their wonderful hospitality, dinners (some that I didn't get pictures of), and gifts but most of all, thanks for making our time in Brisbane so unforgettable! We miss you all already and can't wait to visit each other! :)


Clotilde said...

Nice pictures! It was great having your guys over and we look forward to your future visits to Brisbane. We had a great time too...

I just have to boast though: the weather has been FANTASTIC since you guys left. Beautiful days...

The cockatoos say hello...

Mariana & Nick said...

Hi guys!
I am glad you finally made it to Melbourne and to see the nice pictures.
We are going to miss you guys :( But hopefully you will start settling in and everything goes pretty weel in your new adventure. We will be following your blog....

Kristi said...

Your hair looks super cute!

Kaserine said...

Great way to wrap things up!
I love the pic of you holding the sleepy baby :-)