Thursday, March 26, 2009


Best thing about Melbourne so far: the store that we found that has a HUGE variety of organic wine. Organic wine = no preservatives, which means no headaches!!! And, it's really yummy wine!:)

Second best my, the shopping! I need to find a good job...soon!!!

We looked at a house today that we really like. We're sending through an application first thing tomorrow morning...fingers crossed. We'll keep you posted. It'll be nice to get a place and get settled.

We leave our current temp place tomorrow for another temp place over the weekend. It's been busy and we've been really focused on house hunting. Jesse is staying at the kennel while we look for a place and I really miss him. Hopefully, we'll get him back before long!

I also have photos to post once we have faster internet. Miss everyone very in touch soon!:)




Clotilde said...

Looking forward to tasting the organic wine with you. Speaking of drinking headaches, didn't you say on Saturday that you would NEVER be drinking again? Oh, I still have your bottle of rum in the pantry... he he...

Good luck with the house. Got your text. Will be ready to give references.

Kristi said...

Well you know I can't wait to live through you on new adventures! I'm freaking out excited to see pictures!

Brianna said...

Good luck with your house hunting:) I'm looking forward to all your new adventures!