Monday, March 09, 2009

Looking after the kids....

So, Darryl had a couple of interviews to go to on Thursday so I volunteered to look after his runts. I went over to his place in the morning and then the kids came over to our place in the afternoon. I think Darryls interviews went well, (according to him) Fingers crossed.
B is really starting to take a liking to Jesse, the kids are off and on with the dog, they tend to get a little freaked out when he's staring them down and drooling profusely over the food they have in there hands. All B wanted to do when she was over was hang with the dog.
Humpty dumpty sat on a wall....
You may think this is just a picture capturing a moment in time, but in fact, I think he stayed in this position for at least 5 minutes......he never even blinked. Can you guess which movie he's watching?

Steve (thank god for movies) Dickinson

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